January Top 10 List…

Believe it or not….doing the monthly top 10s in wintertime is a bit more difficult because nothing seems as exciting…but I must admit that these top 10 items definitely are helping keep the winter blues away…..ok here goes…. OPI Black Onyx: I love dark nail polish in Jan. and Feb. and this is about as […]

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Top Looks of 2018

Last year during the week of New Year’s Eve, a lot of people asked me what I thought my top looks of the past year were. I wrote an article about it, and it was a hit so I decided to do it again!!! I admit that it was tough to narrow down 10 outfits […]

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December Top 10 Faves

December is always a hard month for me to pick my favorite things, because just sooooo much “good” comes out around the holidays…LOL….But here goes!!!   Pom Pom Hat from “fitforbarre”: I  love these hats because the pom pom is detachable, which makes this able to be worn as “just a beanie”, and it costs […]

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November Top 10!!!!!!

SOOOOO many of my readers tell me that wait for my top 10 each month which makes it more exciting to write these articles!!! This month there will be two top 10 articles. The first article (this one) will be the usual monthly finds and faves….and the second one will wrap up my top 10 […]

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