September Top 10!

Ahhhh the Fall top 10…..I have a hard time narrowing the food choices down in September because I love everything and anything pumpkin lol but here goes! 2. Balloons with Lights: I was recently in a restaurant in Boston last weekend and there was a table having a party that had these balloon-like things wrapped […]

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August Top 10!

Hello readers!!!!! Well, here we are the end of summer…..sigh…..always get a little melancholy this time of year as much as I do love pumpkin everything…..LOL. Here is the August Top 10! Mustard/White color combo: Perfect fall transition color when you aren’t ready to give up those white pants yet. 2. The macrobarista: This is […]

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July Top 10!!!!

I am still so excited about the love I am shown for the monthly top ten even after 5 years!!!! Here is July’s favorites! One Plant Bars: Cookie Dough is their new flavor. I love to eat these for breakfast when I am in a rush, especially in the car on the way to a […]

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June Top Ten!

Hi Readers! Here is the monthly top 10! Enjoy! Bath and Body Works Butterfly: My son gave me this scent for Mother’s Day and I love it! Perfect for this time of year and not too overwhelming! 2. Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Banana: These are to die for and a great sweet treat to satisfy […]

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March Top Ten!

I actually have 11 on the March Top Ten list because I just could not decide which one to take off….lol…….so here is my monthly faves. Pirq Vegan Protein Shakes: Every flavor is delicious and it keeps me super full from breakfast through lunch. 2. Evil Eye Tanks: I made these recently and they are […]

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February Top 10!

Short month, but alas here is my monthly top 10! Puma Platforms: I can not wait to buy these for Spring! 2. Mini Bags: As convenient as the cross body bag, but a new twist. This one is from LIT Boutique. 3. Snakeskin Pops for Winter with All Black Outfits: 4. Mod Prints: 5. Velour: […]

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January Top 10!

Winter monthly top tens are not as fun as summer top tens….maybe cause January days seem sort of blah. I must say though, I am loving everything on my list this month! Bath and Body Frosted Coconut Snowball: Body cream is a must, especially in winter. I love to go with seasonal scents in regards […]

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December Top 10!

Oh my goodness what a difficult task it was to narrow down ten items during the holidays!!!! Honestly I love it all! I also want to thank my readers for continuing to care about what I think are the top 10 things of the month, making this one of my most popular monthly blogs to […]

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