December Top 10!

OMG There is just soooooo many gorgeous things that happen in December and sooooo many yummy treats so this was a hard list to narrow down, but here goes! 2. Combo of hot cocoa and peppermint mocha creamer: 3. Utz fried dill pickle chips (everyone that has walked in my house and tried these has […]

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October Top 10!

Once Halloween rolls around, we know we are entering the holiday season when pumpkin and peppermint rule the world! Yay! Here is my October top 10 list! 2. Bath and Body Works Fall in Bloom: Normally I hate floral smells, but the name does not really fit what this smells like to be honest. I […]

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September Top 10!

Ahhhh the Fall top 10…..I have a hard time narrowing the food choices down in September because I love everything and anything pumpkin lol but here goes! 2. Balloons with Lights: I was recently in a restaurant in Boston last weekend and there was a table having a party that had these balloon-like things wrapped […]

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August Top 10!

Hello readers!!!!! Well, here we are the end of summer…..sigh…..always get a little melancholy this time of year as much as I do love pumpkin everything…..LOL. Here is the August Top 10! Mustard/White color combo: Perfect fall transition color when you aren’t ready to give up those white pants yet. 2. The macrobarista: This is […]

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July Top 10!!!!

I am still so excited about the love I am shown for the monthly top ten even after 5 years!!!! Here is July’s favorites! One Plant Bars: Cookie Dough is their new flavor. I love to eat these for breakfast when I am in a rush, especially in the car on the way to a […]

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June Top Ten!

Hi Readers! Here is the monthly top 10! Enjoy! Bath and Body Works Butterfly: My son gave me this scent for Mother’s Day and I love it! Perfect for this time of year and not too overwhelming! 2. Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Banana: These are to die for and a great sweet treat to satisfy […]

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March Top Ten!

I actually have 11 on the March Top Ten list because I just could not decide which one to take off….lol…….so here is my monthly faves. Pirq Vegan Protein Shakes: Every flavor is delicious and it keeps me super full from breakfast through lunch. 2. Evil Eye Tanks: I made these recently and they are […]

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February Top 10!

Short month, but alas here is my monthly top 10! Puma Platforms: I can not wait to buy these for Spring! 2. Mini Bags: As convenient as the cross body bag, but a new twist. This one is from LIT Boutique. 3. Snakeskin Pops for Winter with All Black Outfits: 4. Mod Prints: 5. Velour: […]

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