July Top Ten Faves!

July….the half way point of summer….many of us like to stop time during this month so we can hang on to summer a bit longer. I love so many things this month that it is soooo hard to narrow it down to just ten, but here goes. Honey Dew Iced Coconut Coffee: Delish and NO […]

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June Top 10 List

The summer top 10 faves list is always so hard to narrow down!!! There is just soooo much cool that happens in June, July, and August!!! Ok…here is my list of latest faves.   Funny Bunny: This OPI nail polish has been my favorite summer color for the past 5 years. It is literally the […]

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May Top Ten!!!

I think these lists have always been a hit, but they seem to be more of a hit lately so I keep writing them each month….LOL…..Seriously…..it is very flattering that so many people are interested in what my monthly favorites are. Here goes May!!! Magnetic Lashes…..These are a game changer people…legit….on in two seconds flat. […]

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April Top 10!!!!

Here it is……my monthly top ten!!!   Lip Masks: I do not know if it is because I have been in the house and not putting on as much lipstick as I usually do, or if it is because the weather has not really been too warm, but my lips have been sort of dry […]

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March Top 10!!!

Well….this month is not my usual out and about top 10, but it is my monthly faves adapted to this new way of living we have all been experiencing the past few weeks. By request, here are my March faves: Tye-Dye Sweatsuit: This color and print screams Springtime. It is super comfy and makes me […]

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Feb Faves!!!!

This list of faves is such a random mix….but here goes…. Zylast: This is like a Purell on steroids….It is hospital grade and kills everything under the sun and is awesome to travel with or keep in your bag during flu and stomach bug season. You have to buy it online though.   2. Oreo […]

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January Top 10 Faves!!!!

Here it is folks!!! My monthly top 10 list of current favorites!!!!   Cara-Cara Oranges: I love oranges during the winter time. Maybe it is because I feel like I am getting an extra dose of vitamin C. This type of orange is kind of like a grapefruit. Any way….I am obsessed.   2. Kristina […]

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December Faves!!!!

Hi readers!!! Happy December!!! This is my most difficult month to pick my faves because there is just sooooo much good out there in the stores!!!! But here goes! Earrings by Johnnie Johnnie in festive prints:   2. Cel Md Neck and Chest Cream: You can not neglect this area ladies!!!   3. Zicam Gummies: […]

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November Top 10 Faves!!!!!

Happy November People!!!!! Here is my monthly list of my top 10 faves!!!! Criss Cross-Wrap Sweater: These are the same style as a crop top, but they offer more warmth. Love these two from Sew Mia Boutique and Madison Ave. of Melrose.     2. Neon Trend: This was huge in summer and I am […]

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October Top 10 faves!!!

Every month I get so many questions asking when my top 10 will come out…..I am honestly honored that so many people want to know what my monthly faves are!! Well, here is October!!!   Leather shorts:     2. Matte red lips: Yes there really is a shade for everyone.     3. Hair […]

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