March Top Ten!

I actually have 11 on the March Top Ten list because I just could not decide which one to take off….lol…….so here is my monthly faves. Pirq Vegan Protein Shakes: Every flavor is delicious and it keeps me super full from breakfast through lunch. 2. Evil Eye Tanks: I made these recently and they are […]

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February Top 10!

Short month, but alas here is my monthly top 10! Puma Platforms: I can not wait to buy these for Spring! 2. Mini Bags: As convenient as the cross body bag, but a new twist. This one is from LIT Boutique. 3. Snakeskin Pops for Winter with All Black Outfits: 4. Mod Prints: 5. Velour: […]

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January Top 10!

Winter monthly top tens are not as fun as summer top tens….maybe cause January days seem sort of blah. I must say though, I am loving everything on my list this month! Bath and Body Frosted Coconut Snowball: Body cream is a must, especially in winter. I love to go with seasonal scents in regards […]

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December Top 10!

Oh my goodness what a difficult task it was to narrow down ten items during the holidays!!!! Honestly I love it all! I also want to thank my readers for continuing to care about what I think are the top 10 things of the month, making this one of my most popular monthly blogs to […]

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November Top 10

The ever so popular monthly top 10 is here folks! Spanx Liquid Faux Leather Leggings: I have continuously written about the Spanx faux leather leggings in numerous blogs as they are my faves and I literally pack them on every trip. Well, these faux liquid leggings are to die for!!! They are my new “night […]

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October Top 10 Faves!!!!

Here is my latest list of favorite things!!!! Love doing these lists over the next few months by the way…..especially for the holidays! Candy Corn Pumpkins: You either love these or hate these….I love them! 2. Cats Walking on a Leash: I mean why not try it….they’re just as intelligent as dogs….Here is my Cosmo […]

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August Top Ten!

Ahhhh the end of summer….not my most favorite time of year, however, I do have a lot of cool favorites on this month’s top 10! Baccarat Rouge Perfume: If you have not smelled this yet, it is a must….but I will say… is expensive and definitely for special occasions and nights out. 2. Pantone Fall/Winter […]

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Top 10 July Summer Faves!!!

I love summer and I have so many favorites lately I could make a list of 20 or more, but for tradition’s sake, I kept it to the monthly top10! Waterproof mascara: I am one of those people who never leaves the house without mascara on, and this one looks super natural on a hot […]

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June Top 10!!!!

I feel like I write this over and over again, but it really does still amaze me how popular my monthly top 10 lists continue to be. It is very flattering to think people value and are interested in my recommendations! With that being said, here is the June top 10! Cropped Croco Leggings from […]

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May Top 10 List!!!!!

I love the start of summer near Memorial Day Weekend!!! The hustle and bustle starts to slow down and the lazy, dog days of summer will be here soon. I look at summer as a time to re set myself and recharge before teaching begins again in Sept. (along with my son’s hockey schedule). I […]

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