How to Wear Combat Boots?????

Picture it….1995 ……combat boots were all the rage. I remember wearing chunky boots and my Italian grandfather saying….why are you wearing men’s boots? Lol…….Well, they are back!!! They are actually very comfortable to wear too. Here are my suggestions on some modern and trendy ways to wear combat boots. Pair with a dress: 2. With […]

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What is a shacket you may ask…..well it is half shirt and half jacket. The shacket is currently blowing up insta feeds and can be found in numerous stores. Stylists are calling it the perfect layering piece actually. It should be worn with a slightly, oversized fit. Here are some ways to sport the shacket […]

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April Top 10 List!!!!

Here is this month’s round up of my latest fave items! Cheeze It Snack Mix: I love cheeze its….they are my faves actually, but I also am fond of Chex mIx so this combo is just genius in my opinion! 2. Old Navy Masks: They have all new fun prints for spring and summer and […]

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Latest Shoe Trends

I love shoes!!! I can never have enough!!! lol Here are the must have shoes that are currently trending. Florals: 2. Quilted: 3. White Heels: 4. Doc Martins: 5. White sneakers: 6. Studded flip flops Happy Shoe Shopping!

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