Current Jewelry Trends…..

I think accessories can make a whole inexpensive outfit look put together. If you have on jeans and a white tank top, a great necklace and earrings can pull your look together. Ok so here is my list of what is trending in the jewelry world currently as we enter the Spring season.   Tortoise […]

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What’s in My Pocketbook?

When I ask for blog article suggestions, I am always pleasantly surprised about the ideas I get. Recently, someone asked me to write about what I carry around in my pocketbook every day and I thought that was an awesome idea actually….so here goes!   Purell: I am a wicked germ phobe!   2. Mini […]

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Style Session: Women Over 50

Age is nothing but a number….one of my favorite mantras. Some women feel like when they reach a certain age, they can’t wear certain things or have long hair or wear heels…etc…I say that is nonsense!! Women over 50 can wear all of the latest trends, just like women that are 30 can. You just […]

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New Fashion Hacks!!!!

This list will help you avoid all of the aggravating, annoying, crisis-causing things that may happen to you!!!   Use a dry sponge to get deodorant stains off clothes.   2. Use the inside of a banana peel to polish shoes.   3. Use a hair straightener to iron clothes.   4. Fill ziploc bags […]

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