Why we should dress like the characters in Grease this summer…and NO I AM NOT CRAZY!

So I recently watched the movie Grease with my son, and I fell in love (again) with the clothing the characters wore in the movie. I thought to myself…..”wow….all of these styles are basically trending this summer.” I also thought about how flattering they are on women in general. Here are the outfits I think […]

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Spring 2018 Color Combos…..

Spring colors in 2018 in the fashion world are bold, unexpected, and have a late 80s/early 90s feel to them. I am actually loving the combos that are out there right now! Here goes:   Yellow and Light Blue….Yellow is HUGE right now!!!! I actually think pairing it with a powder blue color gives it […]

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A hidden gem of a boutique….

I absolutely love working with boutiques. They always have something new and trendy that typical department stores do not have! I recently collaborated with Ensemble Boutique, which is located in the North End of Boston, Mass. Ensemble Boutique is a lifestyle boutique that sells women’s clothing, shoes, gifts, and home furnishings. I honestly fell in […]

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Spring Fitness Wear Trends….

I recently collaborated with one of my FAVE places to shop….Fitness Hub in Boston. They got in so much amazing merchandise I did not know where to look first!!!!!! We narrowed it down to the following popular styles….   Graphic leggings……These started to be super trendy last Fall and they are def sticking around!!!!! I […]

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