January Top 10!

Here is my latest top 10 winter faves on the blog! 2. White Cranberry Juice (side note: try this in a white cosmopolitan cocktail): 3. Target Pretzels Filled with Peanut Butter: These are my go-to snack before workouts or when I need a snack to tide me over. 4. Bath and Body Works Hand Cream: […]

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Winter Boot Trends

I love love love winter boots….all kinds….all colors….all styles. They look good with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses…..basically anything and everything! Here are the top boot trends for 2023. 2. Python: 3. Disco: 4. Lug soles: 5. Shearling: 6. Thigh boots: Happy Shopping!

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Winter OOTN….

I love winter clothes….I know….I know…but I do…..I love the faux fur and the high boots etc. However, it can be challenging to find outfits for winter date nights or nights out because let’s face it….you have to be practical and be warm too. Here are my picks for Winter 2023 for trendy, cold weather […]

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Winter Accessories 2023!

Cold weather is the perfect time to pile items on to keep warm so why not pile on some gorgeous, trendy accessories??? Here are the latest cold weather accessory trends. I must say I am LOVING all of the faux fur and the shearling! 2. Furry hats and bags: 3. Sporty sunglasses: 4. Colored leather […]

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December Top 10!

OMG There is just soooooo many gorgeous things that happen in December and sooooo many yummy treats so this was a hard list to narrow down, but here goes! 2. Combo of hot cocoa and peppermint mocha creamer: 3. Utz fried dill pickle chips (everyone that has walked in my house and tried these has […]

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Holiday Amazon Picks!

It is scary how convenient Amazon makes it to buy gifts for people! (or shop for yourself) However, it can be overwhelming because there is just soooo much to choose from! Here are my top choices for this year. 2. Holiday Bathroom Decor: 3. Countdown Calendar: 4. Candles: 5. Green Satin Pants: 6. Fur Bags: […]

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Holiday Looks Part 2 (Casual):

I think after the hustle and bustle and the running around shopping, we actually look forward to opportunities when the party attire is “casual.” Here are my style picks for holiday, casual looks. 2. Red Sweater Dress: 3. Jeans and Sweaters: 4. Buffalo Plaid: 5. Sequin Joggers: 6. Graphic Shirts: Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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