Fall Makeup Trends!

I definitely wear more makeup in Fall then I do in summer, and I love all of the darker lip shades and eyeshadow colors that emerge during the Fall months. Here are the latest makeup trends and I totally love them all FYI! Natural eyebrows: 2. Dark, Strong lip shades: 3. Loaded lashes: 4. Kitten […]

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Plisse will be everywhere for Fall 2021. What is plisse one may ask? Well, plisse is a cotton fabric that is treated to appear puckered or pleated. It looks rather sophisticated and is extremely flattering. I am loving plisse in skirts, tops, and dresses as you can see below. Skirts: 2. Tops: 3. Dresses: Even […]

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A few of my readers recently asked me how I stay in shape being so busy and in my 40s and asked me if I could write a blog about what I typically eat each week and how much I workout. First of all, I want to start off by saying I am a firm […]

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How To Shop for 90s Jeans…

Come August, many of us embarked on a hunt to buy new jeans for Fall. The early 2000s had us in the lowest waist possible. 2010-2021 was the reign of the skinny jean. Currently, we have the 90s denim trends. Not sure if the surge in wearing comfortable clothes due to the pandemic brought about […]

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Shoe Trends….

Looking for new shoes??? Wanting to try a new style? Well, here are some new ideas for you! The 90s sandal: It is September but we still have warm days…or buy them on clearance now and pack them away for a warm winter trip! 2. Powder Blue: Blue is huge for this Fall in everything! […]

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Fall Color Trend Preview

I am loving the color trends for Fall 2021. They are universally flattering and are bold and bright!!!! I am also happy to see the return of chocolate brown in the color trend rotation. Royal blue: 2. Bright yellow: 3. Dark evergreen: 4. Fuchsia: 5. Chocolate brown: 6. Burnt orange: What color trend is your […]

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Sneakers Over Heels????

When athleisure wear took over during COVID heels kind of took a back seat in the style world. Now I will always love high heels, but I am starting to love the fact that sneakers are now accepted in the work place more often and even for a night out as part of your “look.” […]

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August Top Ten!

Ahhhh the end of summer….not my most favorite time of year, however, I do have a lot of cool favorites on this month’s top 10! Baccarat Rouge Perfume: If you have not smelled this yet, it is a must….but I will say…..it is expensive and definitely for special occasions and nights out. 2. Pantone Fall/Winter […]

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Continuing Trends….

Someone recently asked me what current fashion trends will continue into the Fall months and here is my list of what I see sticking around! Ruched Dresses: 2. Bike Shorts: 3. Two Piece Knit Sets: 4. Suits in Pastels like Pink: 5. High Waist Jeans: So make sure when you do your Fall closet clean […]

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