Sporty Spring Styles

Hey Boss Babes Out There. I must admit, as much as I love being a fashionista, I also really love comfortable clothes from getting used to wearing them frequently when COVID struck. Although I would not describe myself as being a sporty girl necessarily, I am LOVING the sporty styles that are trending for Spring […]

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Latest Makeup Trends!!!!

When March rolls around I want everything new for my house and my face…..I want lighter makeup and brighter colors. Here is what is trending in the makeup world currently. Peach Lips: 2. Emerald Smokey Eyes: 3. Pink Blush: 4. Gold Eyeshadows: 5. Nude Lips: 6. Lash Extensions or Lash Lift/Tint: I feel like a […]

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Ten Spring Target Finds!!!!

Ahhhhh Target…..gotta love it…..(I spend an easy $100 there every time though) but I do get great deals. Here are my latest 10 Target finds for Spring and the good news is that everything on my list is under $35 and comes in a variety of sizes from xs through plus size. Tie Dye Lounge […]

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Sneaker Trends 2021!!!!

Sneakers have always been one of the most popular forms of footwear for women for decades. However, with the rise in popularity of athleisure wear, sweat suits, and joggers, sneakers have exploded. I must say I am LOVING all of the latest trends and styles out there…..gonna be a hard decision peeps! Here is my […]

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February Top 10!!!

I feel like I say this every month, but it truly does amaze me at the amount of readership I receive each month on my monthly top 10!!! It is extremely flattering to know people care about what I care about!!! Ok here is the latest top ten faves!!! Windowpane Print: I love wearing classic […]

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Jogger Alert

I fell in love with the jogger style look a few years ago, and am so glad it is sticking around. Joggers flatter all body types, and petite women can often buy joggers in a children’s size large or extra large so the length is appropriate for them. I feel that since COVID came upon […]

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