Retro Summer!

Retro is everywhere!!!! And when I say retro I say retro from multiple decades. There are prints from the 1960s, disco suits from the 1970s, and platforms from the 1990s. Here are some of my favorite returns for Summer 21. Crochet: 2. Platform slides: 3. Tinted sunglasses: 4. Halter Tops: 5. Disco suits: Happy Shopping!

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Summer Handbag Trends!!!

I think the latest handbag trends are so fun and come in such a variety of colors and shapes. Also, many of these trends are found in versions that are very affordable on amazon, as opposed to purchasing a designer bag when it may be a passing trend. Here are some of my faves! Small […]

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Top 10 July Summer Faves!!!

I love summer and I have so many favorites lately I could make a list of 20 or more, but for tradition’s sake, I kept it to the monthly top10! Waterproof mascara: I am one of those people who never leaves the house without mascara on, and this one looks super natural on a hot […]

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Latest Amazon Finds

Amazon has totally stepped it up in the fashion game since 2020, and I find the most adorable items of clothing on there…..especially when I can’t sleep and I am scrolling through the app at night………Anyways, here are my latest and greatest finds! ****If you have trouble clicking on a link, you can find the […]

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House Party Attire

Since the pandemic hit more and more people have started to entertain at home and although people are venturing out more, the house party is still very popular. What to wear to a house party when you do not want to wear athletic or lounge wear but you also don’t want to be overdressed as […]

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Every summer comes the Nordstrom anniversary sale. There are sooooo many good deals on so many coveted items that it can be overwhelming. You want to take advantage of the sale, but you don’t want to overbuy and you also don’t want to miss a great deal either. Here is my guide on my favorite […]

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Shein Super Finds….

Have you jumped on the Shein bandwagon yet? Well, Shein is an e commerce company full of trends and very inexpensive finds. There are so many things on there that it can be hard to navigate. One misconception is that it is only for people under 30 years old that wear a size 6 or […]

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