Amazon Comfy Finds:

Everyone I know loves Amazon…and everyone I know loves comfy lounge wear too. Here are my latest Amazon finds. I tried to focus on pieces that can be worn during the summer to fall transition, as well as pieces that come in a variety of size options. All are under $40 too!!!   Jumpsuit: Size […]

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Summer Bargains to Buy!

In July, stores start to have big clearance sales to get rid of their summer merchandise and make way for fall items that arrive. Many women ask themselves: Is the deal worth it? Will I wear it in the Fall? Well, I am here to give you a list of sale items that are worth […]

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My Fave Dupes!!!

Almost every blogger I know has a list of their favorite “dupes.” What is a dupe you ask? Well, it is a inexpensive replica of more expensive items you like. I am someone that totally believes in investing money on a designer bag or coat because they last for years and years, but there are […]

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How to Style Your Swimwear

With so many instructions in the world today due to COVID, many people are spending their time at the beach, lake, or pool. In fact, I have gotten some messages from people asking me how to spruce up their swimwear because they feel that that is the only time they are with people and have […]

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July Top Ten Faves!

July….the half way point of summer….many of us like to stop time during this month so we can hang on to summer a bit longer. I love so many things this month that it is soooo hard to narrow it down to just ten, but here goes. Honey Dew Iced Coconut Coffee: Delish and NO […]

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What is a flatform you may ask? Well, a flatform is a woman’s shoe that has a raised sole that is usually between 3-5 inches thick. It gives you height, as a high heel does, but keeps your foot flat, which makes it very comfortable to wear. As a petite girl, I LOVE them!!!! You […]

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My Summer Beauty Routine…

I have been getting a ton of messages and questions asking me what my favorite summer beauty products are and if my beauty routine changes. It definitely changes from season to season. Here are my fave summer beauty products….and why…. Bronze/Gold Eyeshadows: Gives you a little glow, looks great with a tan, flatters all eye […]

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Women and Sports…

Do you know that between 35-45% of fans for Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball are Female, and that this number continues to grow since the year 2015? So yes readers, women are also very passionate about sports too.  They enjoy sports for many of the same reasons that men do, such as team spirit, socializing, […]

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