Latest faves from a fave!!!

Madison Ave. of Melrose re vamped their entire store early last summer, which included a huge expansion so they could carry boutique clothing. I recently had a visit there and fell in love with the entire store. Here are some of my favorite looks!!!   Red Dress: Everyone loves a classic, red dress….especially once Feb. […]

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Trending Winter Coats!

Come January lots of winter coats and jackets are marked down…..or people are dying to spend gift cards they have received over the holidays on a new winter coat. Here are the latest styles that are trending in winter coats.   Glossy:   I am obsessed with my glossy winter coat by Woodpecker. Has the […]

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Perfect Fitting Pants for You!!!!

Pants may be one of my least favorite things to shop for…..aside from bathing suits!!! Between the waist, the butt, the length….ugh… is all just TOO MUCH sometimes!! As a stylist, I have done extensive research about what pants flatter various body types the best, and after styling numerous women over the past few years, […]

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Best Skirts For You!

I think skirts are way easier to shop for over a dress. A dress has to fit the whole body, where as a skirt only has to fit your lower half. With that being said, what skirts will look best on you??? I want to state before you read on, not to go by the […]

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Best Coats for Your Body Type

I decided to start my January series “be the best you that you can be” with Coats….since it is winter currently here in Boston. Coats are actually tough to buy because we all kind of have a certain image in our brains about what coats should look like, but yet, sometimes we get to the […]

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