Winter Jewelry Trends!!!!

I loved exploring and playing in my mom’s jewelry box as a kid and I still love accessories. There are a lot of fun accessory trends that have surfaced for early 2021 and here they are!!! Chain earrings: 2. Gold and Pearls Combined: 3. Stars: 4. Flowers: 5. Charm Bracelet: 6. Statement Choker: My motto […]

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Amazon Travel Essentials!!!

Hiiiiiii!!!! If you are planning on getting away to somewhere warm in the upcoming future, then my latest amazon list on my influencer page is for you!!!!!! Here are some of my travel finds that I absolutely love!!!! If the pics have trouble loading or not all of the links connect, my influencer page is […]

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Pretty in Pistachio

Winter pastels are becoming a thing now…. check out this color palette. Pistachio is huge this fall and winter. It’s not as bright as the mint green we wear in Spring and Summer. It pairs up amazing with neutrals and adds a subtle, bright pop to your wardrobe in colder months. Check out how I […]

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My Target Top Ten Finds!!!!

Ahhhh Target….one of the stores I get sucked into when I run in for two things…..easy hour in there and easy $100 I spend…..for awhile I was writing about what I would purchase in there that I thought made a good find. I took a few months off from that and my readers have been […]

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Winter Makeup Trends 2021

It is no surprise that with everyone wearing masks now, that all of the current makeup trends for this season are centered around the eye area. I actually think it makes perfect sense because it is the only part of the face we really see when someone has a mask on so why not highlight […]

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January Top 10!!!

Well it is a new year, which means another list of top 10 faves each month filled with new ideas, items, etc…. It always amazes me the requests, comments, and positive feedback I receive each month regarding my top ten list and how people are still so interested in what my latest faves are 🙂 […]

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Supporting a Local Business

If you live in the greater Boston area then you must check out Blo Burlington Village…part of the franchise that is known as America’s original blow dry bar. Blo offers on the go beauty services with convenient hours for people open from 7am to as late as 9pm! They service children 10 and under as […]

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