New Boutique Alert!

I love all things Jersey…..The shore in the summer time, the Real Housewives of New Jersey…..and this new boutique I discovered this year called Chic Boutique Jersey on instagram. They have such a great mix of fun, fashionable, and unique clothing and accessories with a little designer flair. I am obsessed!!! To learn about this […]

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HUGE Trends for 2022….

The following trends are literally going to be everywhere this year!!!! Love em or hate em….they are considered chic……many of you may remember rocking some of these in past years too!!!!!! Fringe: 2. Platforms: 3. Puffy Sleeves: 4. Periwinkle: 5. Bold Bags: 6. Mini Skirts: If you would like to book a styling session with […]

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February Top 10!

Short month, but alas here is my monthly top 10! Puma Platforms: I can not wait to buy these for Spring! 2. Mini Bags: As convenient as the cross body bag, but a new twist. This one is from LIT Boutique. 3. Snakeskin Pops for Winter with All Black Outfits: 4. Mod Prints: 5. Velour: […]

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Winter Date Night Outfits….

Date night outfits tend to be easier to think about in summer because you can just throw on a dress and voila….done! Winter date night outfits don’t have to be boring though! Just take a look at the choices below: Leather midi skirt: 2. Cut out turtlenecks: 3. Leather pants: 4. Sweater and skirt: 5. […]

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Faux Fur….

Faux Fur is fantastic for style during winter weather months. It adds a pop to all black outfits and can take your look from day to night. Here are my favorite faux fur looks! Boots: 2. Vests: 3. Faux Fur Coats Paired with Casual Outfits: 4. Faux Fur Cuffs: Faux Fur is fairly inexpensive and […]

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Valentine Date Looks….

Well, alas February is upon us. I get so many DM’s requesting articles or asking advice on certain looks (which I love by the way), and recently I have been asked about what to wear for Valentine’s Day. I have put together a list of style ideas that ranges from casual to glam, so there […]

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Winter Accessory Trends

Hello Winter! Hello cold and snowy weather! As Aristotle once said “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” To stand out in the cold, we need to add layers to our body to keep warm. One fun way to add layers is with winter accessories. Here […]

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