Spring Transition Shoes!

I am telling you that I find Spring one of the most challenging seasons to dress for. Sure, Fall has up and down weather days, but there usually is not as much snow and rain out there on the ground like there is during Spring. One day in March it is 65 degrees outside, and […]

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How to Wear Pastels….

Pastels always emerge near Easter time, but they are also super trendy lately for 2022. Many people feel that they would have trouble wearing pastels colors because they feel it “washes them out.” This simply is not true! If you are more fair skinned stick to pastel pinks, mint green, or blue tones. Here are […]

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Reader Faves: Beauty Products

This month I decided to poll my readers on instagram to see what their favorite beauty products are. Although I have followers from all over, many of them come from the Boston area so it was very interesting for me to see what products keep showing up on repeat. When I first did my insta […]

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Adios to the Skinny Jean!!!

Some gurus in the fashion world are saying that the skinny jean is dead. I do feel that skinny jeans look great with a blazer and heels, but I am also very happy that they are trending out of style after being the “it” jean for the last decade. Let’s face it, they are not […]

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Trends to Toss for 2022….

According to the fashion gurus, these trends are “going out of style”, so you may want to pack them away for a bit. I admit, I am sad about camo not being “chic” any longer. Camo: 2. Loafers: 3. Skinny Jeans: 4. Checkerboard Prints: If you would like a refresh for your closet, please book […]

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Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022

A capsule wardrobe is when you blend new trendy pieces with items you already have stored away in your closet. It usually includes 10-15 pieces that can be mixed and matched to create numerous looks during the season. Here are my latest favorites for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Neutral Tanks: 2. Denim Jacket: 3. Tan […]

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Easter Best….

Although to me Easter seems more casual of a holiday than Christmas because it is always on a Sunday early afternoon, the phrase “Easter Sunday Best” makes it seem more dressy to me…….get what I am saying peeps? No one wants to be uncomfortable in their Easter outfits though so how can we find a […]

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March Top Ten!

I actually have 11 on the March Top Ten list because I just could not decide which one to take off….lol…….so here is my monthly faves. Pirq Vegan Protein Shakes: Every flavor is delicious and it keeps me super full from breakfast through lunch. 2. Evil Eye Tanks: I made these recently and they are […]

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