Holiday Looks Part 2 (Casual):

I think after the hustle and bustle and the running around shopping, we actually look forward to opportunities when the party attire is “casual.” Here are my style picks for holiday, casual looks. 2. Red Sweater Dress: 3. Jeans and Sweaters: 4. Buffalo Plaid: 5. Sequin Joggers: 6. Graphic Shirts: Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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Fall Colors That Dominate….

Fall color palettes are my favorite! They seem to compliment everyone’s skin tones and they brighten up a complexion as the sun kissed glows begin to fade. Here are some trending colors and outfit ideas for you! 2. Pacific Blue: 3. Chocolates and Latte Colors: 4. Neon Lime: (Usually a summer color but still going […]

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Fall Amazon Picks!

It has been awhile since I have done an Amazon favorites list, and I actually have received a ton of requests for it lately so here goes people!!!!! If you have trouble with any of the links below you can find my Fall Faves 2022 list on my Amazon Influencer store page with the link […]

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Thanksgiving Outfits….

Here it is readers! My annual Thanksgiving Day style guide….the holiday we definitely want to feel comfortable! This holiday is always somewhat of a struggle to dress for because we want to be “put together” but feel as if we have sweats on. Here is my 2022 outfit ideas that are all pretty comfortable I […]

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October Top 10!

Once Halloween rolls around, we know we are entering the holiday season when pumpkin and peppermint rule the world! Yay! Here is my October top 10 list! 2. Bath and Body Works Fall in Bloom: Normally I hate floral smells, but the name does not really fit what this smells like to be honest. I […]

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1990’s Minimalist Trend….

The 1990’s had a lot of trends that continue to stick around, but the one that works for all ages is the minimalist trend. What does this mean? This means choosing looks that ooze simplicity, without sacrificing style. Here are the key pieces you need in order to create multiple looks while mix and matching. […]

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Halloween Costume Ideas….

Here it is folks! The annual Thrill of the Hunt DIY Costume Guide! There were so many cute ideas for this year. Here are my favorites! 2. Western Girls: 3. Spelling Bee: 4. Cheetah: 5. Where’s Waldo: 6. Cher from Clueless: 7. Tourist: 8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: 9. Strawberry: 10. Mother Earth: 11. Juice Box: […]

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Fall Shoe Trends!

I think the majority of people tend to do the most of their shoe shopping during the Fall. I don’t know if it is because we need more of a variety in the Fall due to the variation in weather patterns where as summer seems to be slides and sandals and winter is boots. Whatever […]

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