Bike Shorts….

I get sooooo many questions asking me my thoughts on bike shorts or asking me how to wear bike shorts. There are so many women out there skeptical about wearing these, but I am here to say you should definitely give it a whirl!!! honestly, they are no different than wearing leggings really, except for […]

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Amazon Swimwear Picks

In continuing with my swim wear blogs to kick off summer 2021, here are my latest picks from my Amazon influencer page broken down into three categories: two piece, one piece, and curvy fit. If you have trouble clicking on one particular link, I have attached the link to my page to the bottom of […]

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Swimwear Styles!

Memorial Day…..the start of summer…..and just about the time my annual blog articles start to surface about swimwear trends. There are soooo many flattering styles out there currently that will make bathing suit shopping fairly easy this year, but if you would like to book a styling session with me to help you find your […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Wear!

Memorial Day….the start of summer. Time to relax a little bit and enjoy BBQs and sunshine. Whether you are traveling during Memorial Day weekend or having a stay cation here are my top style pics for MDW 21. All White Outfits: I personally do not wait until Memorial Day weekend to wear white pants, but […]

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Streetwear that Slays!!!

Casual streetwear is blowing up! I recently had someone ask me what streetwear is and how they can wear it so I decided to write an article about how to rock this trend. Bike shorts and blazer: 2. Velour tracksuit: 3. Logo t-shirts: 4. Denim joggers: 5. Bucket hats: The best part about streetwear style […]

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May Top 10 List!!!!!

I love the start of summer near Memorial Day Weekend!!! The hustle and bustle starts to slow down and the lazy, dog days of summer will be here soon. I look at summer as a time to re set myself and recharge before teaching begins again in Sept. (along with my son’s hockey schedule). I […]

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How to Wear Combat Boots?????

Picture it….1995 ……combat boots were all the rage. I remember wearing chunky boots and my Italian grandfather saying….why are you wearing men’s boots? Lol…….Well, they are back!!! They are actually very comfortable to wear too. Here are my suggestions on some modern and trendy ways to wear combat boots. Pair with a dress: 2. With […]

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