October Top 10!

Once Halloween rolls around, we know we are entering the holiday season when pumpkin and peppermint rule the world! Yay! Here is my October top 10 list!

  1. Orgain Pumpkin Protein: I love this brand! It is delicious and super gentle on the stomach too. They also have a chocolate peppermint flavor available for a limited time too~ use code TIFF77 for a discount!

2. Bath and Body Works Fall in Bloom: Normally I hate floral smells, but the name does not really fit what this smells like to be honest. I really like it!

3. Flared yoga pants: They are back!!!! I am thrilled! I feel like they have not been in style for the last 15 years and they really are super comfy!

4. Contessa in Boston: My best friend and I went to Contessa for her birthday and we both really loved it! The food, the atmosphere, the service were all unbelievable!

5. Mush Oats (pumpkin flavor): Easy, quick, ready made breakfast during the Fall. This can be found at Whole Foods.

6. Oreo Brookie: Oreos are my favorite cookies but they really have out done themselves with this flavor! Scary how good it is!

7. Black Tip French Manicure: A little reversal here!

8. Good Girl Perfume: First of all the bottle is the best I have seen, but the scent is amazing for cool and crisp weather.

9.Wide Leg Cargos: These are such a comfy alternative to sweats!

10. Polar Seltzer Pink Apple and Lemon Flavor: This is such a crisp and refreshing scent!

Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10!