Sneaker Trends 2021!!!!

Sneakers have always been one of the most popular forms of footwear for women for decades. However, with the rise in popularity of athleisure wear, sweat suits, and joggers, sneakers have exploded. I must say I am LOVING all of the latest trends and styles out there…..gonna be a hard decision peeps! Here is my […]

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February Top 10!!!

I feel like I say this every month, but it truly does amaze me at the amount of readership I receive each month on my monthly top 10!!! It is extremely flattering to know people care about what I care about!!! Ok here is the latest top ten faves!!! Windowpane Print: I love wearing classic […]

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Jogger Alert

I fell in love with the jogger style look a few years ago, and am so glad it is sticking around. Joggers flatter all body types, and petite women can often buy joggers in a children’s size large or extra large so the length is appropriate for them. I feel that since COVID came upon […]

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Winter Jewelry Trends!!!!

I loved exploring and playing in my mom’s jewelry box as a kid and I still love accessories. There are a lot of fun accessory trends that have surfaced for early 2021 and here they are!!! Chain earrings: 2. Gold and Pearls Combined: 3. Stars: 4. Flowers: 5. Charm Bracelet: 6. Statement Choker: My motto […]

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Amazon Travel Essentials!!!

Hiiiiiii!!!! If you are planning on getting away to somewhere warm in the upcoming future, then my latest amazon list on my influencer page is for you!!!!!! Here are some of my travel finds that I absolutely love!!!! If the pics have trouble loading or not all of the links connect, my influencer page is […]

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Pretty in Pistachio

Winter pastels are becoming a thing now…. check out this color palette. Pistachio is huge this fall and winter. It’s not as bright as the mint green we wear in Spring and Summer. It pairs up amazing with neutrals and adds a subtle, bright pop to your wardrobe in colder months. Check out how I […]

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