My latest buys on Amazon….

I am definitely an Amazon fan….have been for awhile….They literally seem to have just about anything and everything possible. Here are a few of the past month’s purchases that I feel are worth mentioning to my readers. Pink Sugar Perfume: I have been wearing this for years during the Summer months. People always compliment me […]

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What is in my beach bag???

Believe it or not, I have received a ton of messages about what I pack for the beach or pool. Either people pack too much in their beach bags, or they do not take enough. Here is what seems to be coming with me this summer.   Target beach towels: I love these, and they […]

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Summer Shoe Trends….

I love summer shoes. They are just….easy…..and I feel like they are also a bit more funky and trendy too. If you want to add a little pizzazz in your wardrobe a summer shoe is the way to do it. Pair up a bold shoe with a simple white or black sundress and you are […]

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June Top 10 List

The summer top 10 faves list is always so hard to narrow down!!! There is just soooo much cool that happens in June, July, and August!!! Ok…here is my list of latest faves.   Funny Bunny: This OPI nail polish has been my favorite summer color for the past 5 years. It is literally the […]

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From Beach to Dinner….

Covid has definitely changed summer nights out. Many of us are opting for more casual style and more outdoor dining experiences. Therefore we are going from beach to night time dining. We need quick and easy styles to change into while still looking ready for a night out instead of a volleyball game in the […]

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White Pants Refresh….

Every summer the majority of us wear white pants….but we like to mix it up a little to make our summer outfits look different from the previous year. Well here is a list of fresh ideas for your “go-to” white pants.   With a tie dye top:   2. With shades of nude/tan:   3. […]

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