2023 Annual Swimwear Guide

Well, here it is folks…..the annual swimwear trend style guide. I usually have this out by Memorial Day weekend, but what can I say….May was crazy busy! Anyways, here are my style picks for what I am loving in the bathing suit world currently…..and yes….there is something for everyone! 2. Rings: 3. Retro: 4. High […]

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May Top 10!

Hi my readers! Here we have it….the latest monthly top 10 faves! 2. White on White French Nails: 3. Koia Coconut Almond: This flavor will definitely get you ready for summer! 4. Puffy Jacket Sleeves: SO retro and 1987….love it! This jacket is from Shein. 5. Aplenty Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter: This was a great, […]

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High Tops Are Everywhere!!!

High Tops have blown up people! Especially Converse and Jordans! I was not sure how I felt about wearing them at first, but I am loving my high top Vans and Converse lately. So many people have been asking me for suggestions about how to style high tops that I figured I would write an […]

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Spring Shoe Trends

There is a little something for everyone in the trending shoe styles this spring….some are very practical and some are very trendy! Personally, I am loving slouch boots in neutral colors and metallic heels! 2. White Cowboy Boots: 3. Soccer Style Sneakers: 4. Clogs: 5. Ballet Flats: 6. Tie Ups: 7. Metallic Heels: Happy Shoe […]

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March Top 10!

February was such a short and busy month that the Top 10 list got away from me for maybe the first time ever since I have started this blog. Shame on me! Anyways, I am back and running Here is my latest monthly top ten faves! 2. Fringe on sweaters: Maybe this dates back to […]

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How to Wear a Sweater Vest…

If you haven’t noticed yet…..sweater vests have exploded. They used to be known as sort of a boring clothing item to wear, but now they are blowing up as cool, on point, trend. Here are my favorite ways to wear a sweater vest for either work or play. 2. Sleeveless: 3, With a looser fit […]

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