January Top 10!

Here is my latest top 10 winter faves on the blog!

  1. Ombre French Nails:

2. White Cranberry Juice (side note: try this in a white cosmopolitan cocktail):

3. Target Pretzels Filled with Peanut Butter: These are my go-to snack before workouts or when I need a snack to tide me over.

4. Bath and Body Works Hand Cream: This hand cream does a great job of preventing dry, winter skin. I use it every night before bed actually. Also, this is a great winter scent.

5. Ponytail with the Pieces: I love that this look is back on trend. It is quick and easy, and it looks great casual or dressed up at night.

6. Platform Converse-Style Sneakers: These look awesome with flared pants and jeans.

7. Old School Italian Desserts on Restaurant Menus: My family has been making zeppole for years. I have been pleasantly surprised to find them on the menus of two different restaurants recently.

8. Whole Foods Immunity Juice: I love this one because it is pre-mixed and easy to just gran an 8 ounce glass and stay healthy.

9. Tan Rock Stud Valentino for Spring: These are just insane. The black colors have been popular for a few years, but I am loving this lighter color for Spring and Summer.

10. Printed Tights: This pair of tights is from Target and the print helps jazz up an all black outfit.

Hope you enjoyed the monthly top 10!