Winter OOTN….

I love winter clothes….I know….I know…but I do…..I love the faux fur and the high boots etc. However, it can be challenging to find outfits for winter date nights or nights out because let’s face it….you have to be practical and be warm too. Here are my picks for Winter 2023 for trendy, cold weather […]

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Fall Colors That Dominate….

Fall color palettes are my favorite! They seem to compliment everyone’s skin tones and they brighten up a complexion as the sun kissed glows begin to fade. Here are some trending colors and outfit ideas for you! 2. Pacific Blue: 3. Chocolates and Latte Colors: 4. Neon Lime: (Usually a summer color but still going […]

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Sensational Skirts!

I love wearing skirts in the warmer weather of spring and summer. Skirts are a major fashion trend right now and there are so many great options to choose from that flatter all shapes and sizes. Here are some of my favorites right now. Pastel mini: 2. Ruched mini: 3. Wrap: 4. Tweed: 5. Orange: […]

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Upcoming Trends….

Here are a few upcoming trends I keep seeing “on repeat” when scouring the latest fashion news and fall runway reports. Hence, if you want to get a jump start on next season, here are some ideas to get you started when shopping. Lace Tops: 2. Black Wide-Leg Pants: 3. The White Tank Top: 4. […]

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July Top 10!!!!

I am still so excited about the love I am shown for the monthly top ten even after 5 years!!!! Here is July’s favorites! One Plant Bars: Cookie Dough is their new flavor. I love to eat these for breakfast when I am in a rush, especially in the car on the way to a […]

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Jean Styles….

For like years and years, the skinny jean was pretty much the ONLY jean that was on trend. Thank God that has changed and there are now sooooo many options to choose from in the denim work. Such as…… Baggy: 2. Straight legs: 3. Printed: 4. Low waist: I am not sure why these are […]

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Pearls are popping up everyone in 2022. Pearls are a timeless gemstone. They have become so trendy that you will find them on everything from apparel to accessories. Here are some of my favorite ways to rock the pearl trend. Blouses: 2. Sweaters: I found this adorable one on Shein for less than $20. 3. […]

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