May Top 10!

Hi my readers! Here we have it….the latest monthly top 10 faves! 2. White on White French Nails: 3. Koia Coconut Almond: This flavor will definitely get you ready for summer! 4. Puffy Jacket Sleeves: SO retro and 1987….love it! This jacket is from Shein. 5. Aplenty Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter: This was a great, […]

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High Tops Are Everywhere!!!

High Tops have blown up people! Especially Converse and Jordans! I was not sure how I felt about wearing them at first, but I am loving my high top Vans and Converse lately. So many people have been asking me for suggestions about how to style high tops that I figured I would write an […]

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Spring Shoe Trends

There is a little something for everyone in the trending shoe styles this spring….some are very practical and some are very trendy! Personally, I am loving slouch boots in neutral colors and metallic heels! 2. White Cowboy Boots: 3. Soccer Style Sneakers: 4. Clogs: 5. Ballet Flats: 6. Tie Ups: 7. Metallic Heels: Happy Shoe […]

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Valentine Date Night Outfits:

Happy February!!!! If you want some fresh, Valentine date night ideas then look no further than this blog. I am going to start with my favorite……instead of all red……this year wear an all pink skirt set! Red Suit: Pink or Red Corset Top: Leather Pants and Blouse: Leopard Skirt and Red Blouse: Red Wide Leg […]

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January Top 10!

Here is my latest top 10 winter faves on the blog! 2. White Cranberry Juice (side note: try this in a white cosmopolitan cocktail): 3. Target Pretzels Filled with Peanut Butter: These are my go-to snack before workouts or when I need a snack to tide me over. 4. Bath and Body Works Hand Cream: […]

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Winter OOTN….

I love winter clothes….I know….I know…but I do…..I love the faux fur and the high boots etc. However, it can be challenging to find outfits for winter date nights or nights out because let’s face it….you have to be practical and be warm too. Here are my picks for Winter 2023 for trendy, cold weather […]

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