5 Things I Would Never Wear….

I know….I know….I appear to wear anything and everything. I do consider myself open-minded, trendy, and bold when it comes to my style and fashion choices, but recently someone asked me “Is there anything you won’t wear?” I had to think about it, but there are definitely things I will not wear for sure….and here […]

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Spring Preview: Part 2

Although I love winter clothes best, I get so excited for all the new beginnings in the fashion world come Spring. Here is the second part of my list about what will be “on trend” in the upcoming season.   Big Bags:   2. Hot Pants:   3. Corsets:   4. Psychedelic Prints:   5. […]

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Feb Faves!!!!

This list of faves is such a random mix….but here goes…. Zylast: This is like a Purell on steroids….It is hospital grade and kills everything under the sun and is awesome to travel with or keep in your bag during flu and stomach bug season. You have to buy it online though.   2. Oreo […]

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