September Top 10!

Ahhhh the Fall top 10…..I have a hard time narrowing the food choices down in September because I love everything and anything pumpkin lol but here goes!

  1. Orgain Protein Powder in Pumpkin Flavor: This is non dairy and delish!

2. Balloons with Lights: I was recently in a restaurant in Boston last weekend and there was a table having a party that had these balloon-like things wrapped in lights! They were awesome!

3. Faux Leather Dress: Leather dresses are all the rage right now and I am obsessed.

4. Butter Nut Squash Snacks: I keep these on my desk at work when I want chips and it is a great flavor for fall to boot.

5. Jean Shorts and Blouses: I love this combo for fall transition weather.

6. Opi “Beige/Grey” Colors:

7. Flannel and Bike shorts: Again, another great fall transition look for casual style.

8. Target Wild Fire Flared Jeans: These are super soft and comfy and I love the bell bottom style.

9. Gallon Water Jugs: I am not the best about drinking water and this jug from Amazon has been keeping me accountable.

10. Cheeze-it Puff’d: I am obsessed with Cheeze-its. They have been my favorite snack since I was a little kid, but I have to give the credit to my dad for finding these.

Hope you enjoyed the September Top 10!