Fall Transition Beauty Products

I hate to think of summer ending, but it happens…..and we have to change our beauty and makeup products to adjust to the season change as well. Here is what I find myself reaching for as the weather gets cooler.

  1. Self tanner: I do not want to see my summer glow fade so I try and preserve it as long as I can by applying self tanner a few nights per week after showering.

2. Salt spray for hair: Why not rock the beachy waves a little longer while it is still warm enough to air dry your hair. Braid hair when wet after spraying and leave in overnight.

3. Nail Greige Colors: Tired of White but not quite ready for dark colors yet, I love these options.

4. Urban Decay Wild West palette: These are the perfect fall transition colors

5. Bath and Body Works Exfoliating Scrub: We have to slough off all of the dry skin the sun left behind. Why not use a summer scent for nostalgia? lol

6. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: When the weather gets cooler, we have to moisturizer more. Our tans fade so we also need a little color, but we aren’t ready for heavy winter foundation yet. I love this brand! They even make travel sizes!

7. NYX Butter Gloss in Brown Sugar: Still love a nude lip, but need to go a tad darker for Fall. This shade is amazing!

Please reach out with any questions you may have!