March Top 10!

February was such a short and busy month that the Top 10 list got away from me for maybe the first time ever since I have started this blog. Shame on me! Anyways, I am back and running Here is my latest monthly top ten faves!

  1. Chunky sweaters and flared pants: Super comfy and perfect for business casual looks.

2. Fringe on sweaters: Maybe this dates back to my favorite blanket as a child that used to have fringe on it, but I am loving the fringe trend that is blowing up everywhere.

3. RIU Cancun: I have always loved the RIU Hotel in Aruba and this hotel impressed me just as much for 1/3 of the price.

4. NYX Sao Paolo: This has a matte finish to it and is the perfect mix of pinkish red.

5. All black outfit with pops of white: It is the spring transition period in fashion and white shoes, bags, and other accessories are the perfect way to transition to lighter ad brighter colors.

6. Pistachio at Starbucks: This is delish. I only add one pump to my iced coffee to give it a little flavor without a lot of added sugar. See my recipe below!

7. The Most Oreo: If you are an oreo lover, this is a must for you! It is my favorite one ever!

8. Dole Orange, Pineapple, Banana Juice: This is a tasty way to get added vitamin C in your day and the container is small enough that you are not drinking a ton of extra calories and sugar.

9. Leaving white lights up all year: They just brighten the house up. I am a big fan of this! (so is Cosmo)

10. Koia Protein Drinks: These are vegan and a great filling breakfast. I buy mine at Whole Foods or online at Amazon Fresh.

Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10!