August Top 10!

Hello readers!!!!! Well, here we are the end of summer…..sigh…..always get a little melancholy this time of year as much as I do love pumpkin everything…..LOL. Here is the August Top 10!

  1. Mustard/White color combo: Perfect fall transition color when you aren’t ready to give up those white pants yet.

2. The macrobarista: This is the greatest instagram find in a long time. They take all of the starbucks recipes and twists them in a healthy way.

3. Little Miss Memes: I love these. They make me laugh every day!

4. ViVi Jewelry: I am so proud of my former student for starting her own jewelry line. Please give her a follow!

5. High waisted extra wide leg pants: I am obsessed with them. Super comfy too. These are from LIT.

6. Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia: These colors are gorgeous for brown or green eyes.

7. Slick hair pony with hoops: What can I say, I thrived in the 1990s and this was the look and it is easy and works for all hair types. lol

8. Zucchini Parm: Delicious way to get your veggies during the end of summer.

9. Nostalgia Tees from Target: Now Target has always had great graphic tees that cost less than $15, but there latest line covers most of my childhood. My dad and I used to watch Fraggle Rock together always. I can’t say I would wear this out, but I absolutely love wearing it with sweats around the house on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

10. Thomas Banana Bread: When craving something sweet around 3 or 4pm, one slice of this spread with a nut butter does the trick!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s top 10!