Bike Shorts….

I get sooooo many questions asking me my thoughts on bike shorts or asking me how to wear bike shorts. There are so many women out there skeptical about wearing these, but I am here to say you should definitely give it a whirl!!! honestly, they are no different than wearing leggings really, except for […]

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Drawstring Shorts!

Loose-fitting shorts have always been around, but they have come to the style forefront in the past year. I totally understand why too….they are ridiculously comfortable….feel like pajamas actually….and they flatter all body shapes and sizes. Here are the ways to wear drawstring shorts this summer: With a blouse:   2. With a loose-fitting tank: […]

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Black Shorts….Get Em!

I used to never be a fan of shorts….but lately I am liking them and really seeing them for the versatile pieces that they are. I am all about transition pieces for early fall. It is like…you are not quite ready for summer to be over…and it feels like summer weather still some days…but yet […]

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