Black Shorts….Get Em!

I used to never be a fan of shorts….but lately I am liking them and really seeing them for the versatile pieces that they are. I am all about transition pieces for early fall. It is like…you are not quite ready for summer to be over…and it feels like summer weather still some days…but yet you are kind of sick of your summer wardrobe and you are ready to mix it up a bit. Well, black shorts are amazing for this time of year!! Here are some ways to rock your black shorts now!

  1. With a blouse….



I am loving black shorts and a black blouse for an evening look currently.


2. With a long sleeve t-shirt…this makes a nice casual look…


3. With an oversized sweater…


4. With a plaid shirt…


5. With a bodysuit….


6. Layered under a denim jacket or shirt…


Or with the ever so trendy denim vest…



7. With a super long cardigan…



8. With a scarf when it starts to get chilly…



Or knee high boots…



Or tights!!!


I am loving my black shorts with booties and lightweight sweaters….


So as you can see, DO NOT pack away your black shorts yet…you still can get a lot of wear out of them during the fall months!

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