Saddle Up and Go West!!!!

The 80s Western trend is not just for the people “out west.” In fact, it is totally sweeping the nation for Fall 2018…..I admit….It took me a little bit of time to embrace this trend because I am not really a country kinda gal….but I actually am really liking pointed toe cowboy boots and bandannas…..AND this trend is relatively inexpensive to rock, which is a bonus. The key to wearing the western look is to make it fashionable……wear one trendy item… you can avoid looking like you are in a cowgirl costume for Halloween. Ok… want to know what this western trend consists of? Keep on reading!!!!

  1. Anything with fringe! Like anything…….shoes….tops…jackets…skirts….anything goes…. I bought a shirt with fringe and I have nude colored heels with fringe.


2. Cowboy Boots….any and all styles go…..they can be really ornate with bright colors or a simple, western ankle bootie.


I love red ones or tan colored personally!



3. Western Shirt…this can be as simple as a graphic t-shirt with a western print…


4. Denim Dress/Skirt….I love the idea of a denim dress because you can also accessorize this item to fit into so many other trends besides western.


5. Hats….this one is self explanatory…..


6. Plaid Shirts…I bet you already have some of these in your closets so just add a western flair to your look and you will be good to go!


7.Denim Shirt/Vest…I am actually SO excited denim vests are back!! Stay tuned for their versatility in an upcoming blog!


8. Bandanna….Personally, I like red the best, but you can wear any color you like. They can be worn around the neck or in the hair to suit the western trend.


9. Cow Print Anything…. I am loving cow print shoes because I feel that the black and white print will match numerous colors.


10. Western Belt….an easy and inexpensive way to update your wardrobe.


The pieces I decided to purchase to rock this trend are as follows:




*Western Shirt and Cowboy Boots


*Jean Vest and Fringe Heels


If you would like some style advice on putting together your own, personal “go west” look…please reach out to me!!!!