My Fab 5 from one of my favorite stores…

So if you are one of my avid blog readers then you have heard about the store “Max and Riley.” If you have not heard of them, you should check out one of their locations in either Boston or Andover Massachusetts, or follow their instagram to shop online. Anyways, I frequently visit my favorite stores and as I am visiting I kind of like make lists in my head…top 10….fabulous 5…. lucky 7….ok anyways, I recently went in to Max and Riley and here is my fab 5 list of items I loved!!!!

  1. Atheisure: I loved the red lips on the side of these sweatpants! Red lipstick is my favorite FYI….But anyhow, these sweat pants are so ridiculously comfortable that it is hard to believe they are actually not pajamas!





2. Khaki Romper: This color is trending in a huge way for fall, as is ornate sleeves with ruffles. Early Fall is still warm out, and this romper offers a nice alternative to dresses.



3. Two Piece Set….I loved this set!!!!! So many trends combined in one outfit: the 2 pieces, the high waisted shorts, the mustard yellow, the darker florals….perfect for sept!!!!



4. Lace Dress: If you have a formal occassion to attend this fall, this dress is amazing!!! The color screams FALL!!!! And the lace overlay and fit of the dress is elegant, flattering, and chic.



5. Flare Dress….Cobalt blue was a huge color trend for summer, but it seems to be sticking around. One of my favorite ways to wear cobalt is to match it up with kelly green and this dress had them combined…perfect!! This was actually my favorite of the 5 I must admit!!!



I want to also add that they had such a great selection of sparkly and sequin booties, heels, mules etc…



If you have not checked out Max and Riley yet….you are missing out 🙂