Cobalt is Cool….Really Cool…

So every season Pantone comes out with a new color pallette of all the “it” colors….This Fall, one of these “it” colors is known as “Nebulas Blue”



…..a simpler way to say this color is cobalt…… Blue is like green in the sense that it is a universally flattering color on all skin tones. It looks amazing on blondes, red heads, and brunettes…. Obviously you could wear this color with black or white….BUT there are so many amazing color combinations you can create with this shade of blue…ready……


  1. Mustard…..This is another “it” shade for Fall 2018….



2. Leopard… of my favorite prints to wear year round….however, this is also another “it” print for Fall 2018.




3. With “pops” of orange…who doesn’t automatically think of the color orange once Sept. and Oct. roll around….



4. Grey…if you prefer a neutral base when you are wearing a bright color, then go with grey…it is a little different than the typical black or white base colors.



5. Stripes….the color blue really stands out against the striped pattern.



6. Kelly Green….I think these are the two most universally flattering colors on everyone so it just makes sense to pair them up…Everyone’s eye color looks amazing when wearing these colors….really….try it!



How amazing is this dress from Max and Riley that combines kelly green and cobalt blue together!


Although the kelly green/cobalt combo is my favorite….I also LOVE cobalt pops paired up with Khaki… my shoes with this romper….



7. Shades of Pink….



Personally, I love a greyish-pink paired up with this shade of blue.



8. Neon….Neon will be HUGE in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019…Think 80s neon!!!! Yup….it is back….



***One easy way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe is to purchase a pair of pants in this color. That way you have a base and can mix and match a variety of tops and accessories in the colors and prints listed above in this article.



You can also invest in a dress in this shade that you can layer with sweaters, blazers, or scarves of various colors/prints.



Or buy a fall jacket….



Or sweater….



Or shoes like I bought!!!…




Hopefully you will try this shade out…I guarantee you will get compliments when wearing it!