My August Top 10 (well 11)!!!!

There are so many current trends and products that I am LOVING right now that I actually had a difficult time narrowing this article down…..hence there is 11….but here goes!!!


  1. OPI Suzi Chases Portu-geese…..I am forever mixing white nail polish together in the summer to get the “just right” white….you have to know what I am talking about…like some whites are too sheer…or too pink…or too chalk like…well I found THE BEST WHITE….and here it is!



2. Brown Lipstick…yup it’s back…but not with the tacky, lipliner ring around the mouth….just a nice medium to dark brown matte color. Believe it or not, this color flatters all hair colors too.


I know it is still August, but I recently wore this for a fall photoshoot and I am loving it and got a ton of compliments!


3. Block Heels….These are like the perfect mix of a strappy sandal and a platform wedge. They are comfotable, but give you the height of a stiletto.


I bought them in black and I bought them in red!



4. Jean Vests…..This is one of my favorite retro trends that has recently resurfaced!!! It is an amazing layering piece for all the seasons, and it looks good on all body sizes. Time to embrace these again!


Can not get enough of mine!



5. Old School Fila…. Who remembers Fila????? Fila is one of those old school brands that is having a modern rennasiisance right now and I am thrilled! I feel as excited as I did when I saw that Adidas was back. You can find Fila in sneakers, t-shirts, tanks, swetshirts, etc….


Of course I had to be a tad different and buy a Fila bodysuit to mix it up….


6. Cowboy Boots….I really never thought I would write this…but yes I like them….in fact they may be one of my favorite items in the “go west” trend…more on that later in another article by the way….



Personally I love mine in neutral……they match everything and are a nice break from the typical tan riding boots we have worn time and time again.


7. Cobalt….my new favorite color….It just pops against every eye color and every skin color and every hair color!!! There WILL be an article on cobalt too…stay tuned!


I am OBSESSED with the new cobalt heels I just purchased….oh…and by the way…cobalt will be sticking around for fall!


8. Reversible Active Wear….I mean two outfits for the price of one…it is like genius….. This line is called “Wear it to Heart” and is sold by Dani Kaye.


9. Black and White Striped Bodysuits….I have always loved this print….and I have numerous blouses, sweaters, dresses, etc….but lately I am loving the striped bodysuit….easy to pack….matches so many colors….AND goes with almost every style waist line.


One of my favorites is this off the shoulder style from Aines Boutique.



10. Extra Big Necklaces….The bigger the better I say when it comes to accessories….This one necklace can transform a $5 tank into the most chic outfit for a night out!


Loving this one from Madison Ave with a black blouse.


11. Facials….I included this in my top 10 because I recently got a “hate” comment I guess you could say….someone actually created a fake Facebook profile to write some nasty comments to me (before they quickly deleted the profile)….anyways….one of the comments was “Enough with your facial posts…you are not 23.” I actually found this comical for a few reasons…one…..I did not really know there was an age limit to facials…..2. My mother has gorgeous skin and a lot of this is due to the fact that she gets regular facials…..and 3. One of the main reasons I think people often say I do not look my age is because I really do give attention to my face and skin. Here is my mom and I after a mother/daughter spa day where we both got a facial.



And here is my skin after a treatment on my face from B Luxe Aesthetics… (make sure to follow her on Instagram)



Ladies…everyone’s bodies are going to change….but the face is the part of your body people notice first……throughout your entire life….you can have the most booming body in the world…..BUT the face is still the most important part of you….come on…..your smile is there ladies!!! So take care of your skin!!!

I hope you enjoyed the monthly edition of my latest faves!