Fall Color Trends 2020!!!

So many people that live in the New England area hate to see summer end, but they also get very excited for Fall. I get excited for Fall color trends because they are flattering on all skin tones. Here goes the latest list for Fall 2020!!! Red:   2. Pale Pink:       3. […]

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Camo Color Pops?? What????

SO I recently asked for blog requests via instagram (which by the way people feel free to send me requests anytime) and one of the requests I got was how to pair up camo with anything other than the typical white, black, or tan. I thought that was a great idea considering camo tends to […]

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How to Add a Color POP!

So if you haven’t noticed yet…..bright colors are everywhere……some people LOVE them and some people hate them!!!! And then….there are others….who really want to add some color to their wardrobes, but they are afraid to be too bold….or….they prefer to keep the base of their closets neutral colors. Well, here are some subtle ways to […]

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Color Trend: Mustard

Have you noticed this color is everywhere!!??!!! Well…..it is….and the good news is that it looks amazing on all skin and hair tones!!!   Here are some ways to rock this color other then pairing it up with just black or white tones.   With grey:   2. With purple tones:   3. With pops […]

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Mauve….Dusty Rose…Light Pink….Whatever you want to call it….It’s staying around for Fall…

Most of us think of “mauve” as a Spring color….or a color older women tend to wear…..get out of this mindset people!!! This color is actually flattering on all hair colors and it pairs up with more colors than you think!! Here is how to wear this color trend during the Fall months. With camo: […]

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