Cobalt is Cool….Really Cool…

So every season Pantone comes out with a new color pallette of all the “it” colors….This Fall, one of these “it” colors is known as “Nebulas Blue”   …..a simpler way to say this color is cobalt…… Blue is like green in the sense that it is a universally flattering color on all skin tones. […]

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They call it mellow yellow….

Yellow is literally everywhere….and it is definitely not a typical color we tend to wear a lot or see flooding the stores, but yet, it is here!!!! Yellow will also stick around for the fall months, but it will take on a more mustard hue. I have received some questions from ladies who really want […]

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Spring 2018 Color Combos…..

Spring colors in 2018 in the fashion world are bold, unexpected, and have a late 80s/early 90s feel to them. I am actually loving the combos that are out there right now! Here goes:   Yellow and Light Blue….Yellow is HUGE right now!!!! I actually think pairing it with a powder blue color gives it […]

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Nifty Navy…..

I must admit when I recently saw this spread in People Magazine I got a little anxious because I typically do not think of navy as a winter color…I always think of it as a spring and summer color paired up with white and red……   But then I began to brainstorm ways I could […]

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Grey is the New Black…

Have you noticed lately there are 50 shades of grey everywhere…..and I am not talking about the book or the movie either….Grey has taken over the fashion runways and all of the stores recently. In fact, there has even been a report that grey t-shirt sales keep rising! I understand why….grey is a neutral shade…grey […]

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