My Top 10 Summer Looks… 2018

Around New Year’s Eve, I was asked by a few people to write an article about what I thought my top 10 looks of the year were….or what my 10 favorites of the year were….I was recently asked to pick my top 10 summer favorite looks, and I thought that around Labor Day was a good time to publish this article as we are wrapping up Summa 18… here goes….


  1. White Dress….It is so hard to find a flattering white dress, regardless of your shape and size. I absolutely loved this one from LIT boutique. It needed no alterations, and it had a tan underlay underneath so it was not see through whatsoever.

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2. Green/Cobalt Dress from Max and Riley….Cobalt is trending in a HUGE way and I am obsessed with it….however I am also obsessed with this color green. Both of these colors are universally flattering……as is this style dress…..the fit and flare wrap…..It literally was a PERFECT dress…..



3. Yellow pants/Zara Crop…I got so many compliments when I posted this picture. Yellow was also a trendy color for this spring and summer, as is the wide leg pant style. I loved how the crop top had a flow to it, which kept it classy and super summery.



4. “Puppies Make Me Happy” Tank…If you follow me on instagram, then you know that I am obsessed with pilates and my 15 year old mini-dachshund….when I ever saw this tank top at Fitness Hub I almost died… was like it was made for me!!!! FYI…I have a promo code for both Puppies Make Me Happy and Fitness Hub so please reach out if you are interested.



5. Red Dress…..Red is my favorite color…..forever and always…this dress from MAdison Ave of Melrose  was so classy and elegant, and I loved it with the gold heels.



6. Pineapple Craze…..I do not know why….but I totally fell in love with the pineapple craze this summer……I had wraps, bathing suits, pants……etc….. such a fun print to wear.



7. Turquoise/Coral Romper….This romper came from LIT boutique and the color combo was gorgeous… of my favorite outfits to wear this summer, and it will definitely be packed for my Aruba trip this winter.



8. Coverup…made into a “going out” outfit…I bought this coverup at Target….one night I thought to myself, “Wow this would make a really cute jumpsuit to wear out tonight.” Well, I dressed it up with accessories and heels, and tons of people asked me where I bought my jumpsuit…..$20 in the swim section at Target….talk about versatile….



9. White, wide leg pants/bamboo bag….This was the CULT bag of this summer…and people either loved it or hated it…I loved it….I loved it even more when paired with these retro wide leg pants….that I kept from Express…..back from when wide leg pants were in… glad I kept them by the way!!!!



10. Bandanna…. This was my favorite hair accessory this summer….easy to whip in your hair….the red color adds a pop to your face on days you feel you look tired….and it makes a casual outfit more “put together.”



Well, I hope you enjoyed the summer 18 blog articles….now let’s bring on Fall!!!

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