How to Wear Your White Pants After Labor Day….yes…you really can….

Ahhhhhh…..the age old debate….yes you can wear white pants after labor day….and I am going to show you how to look “fall cool” in your white pants….

***Pair them with…….

  1. Black Blazer:


2. Cowboy Boots:


3. Chunky Sweaters:


4. Flannels:



5. Camo Jacket:


6. Leopard Pops:


7. Denim Shirt and Booties:


8. Graphic T-shirt and layering tops:


9. Basic Black Top…You can not go wrong with any combo of white and black…..grab your favorite tank top or t-shirt and add some closed toe heels or booties and you are good to go!


This is how I plan on rocking my white pants this September…..

So ladies…DO NOT put your layering pieces away just yet…….trust me….

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