Ten Ways to Style Your Denim Shorts….

Just like jeans…..”jean shorts” are a staple in most of our wardrobes…..Some of us have a favorite pair that we wear every summer until they become “unwearable”…..and some of us buy a new pair every year…..me….I tend to buy a pair every other year I would say depending on trend changes. Lately I have been loving the distressed, boyfriend style.

Ok so let’s get to the article….here are some updated ways you can rock your favorite pair of denim shorts for summer 2018!!!

  1. With a loose tank:



2. With a loose t-shirt:




3. With a graphic t-shirt:



This is one of my favorite ways to rock denim shorts lately…..



4. With a blouse: Love this look with heels at night!



5. With ANYTHING striped…two classic items:



6. With an oversized sweater:




7. With an off the shoulder shirt:



8. With a body suit…another good look for at night:



9. Over a bathing suit….I love using jean shorts as a “cover up” because they are easy to pack and they become a versatile piece for a weekend away.



10. With a crop top…..jean shorts are classic and crop tops are trendy…..it is a nice mix…lol…




I hope this article gave you some fresh and new ideas on how to rock denim shorts!!!