Bike Shorts….

I get sooooo many questions asking me my thoughts on bike shorts or asking me how to wear bike shorts. There are so many women out there skeptical about wearing these, but I am here to say you should definitely give it a whirl!!! honestly, they are no different than wearing leggings really, except for the fact that you can see your leg from the knee down, but the fit is almost identical. You can find a pair of bike shorts in Walmart or Target for less than $10 so trying out this trend will not break the bank. Ok, so you are reading this and think you want to try wearing a pair, but you aren’t sure how to style them…..well then read on!!!

  1. With a blazer:

2. As a monochromatic set:

3. With a blouse:

4. With an oversized T-shirt:

5. With a sweater:

Look!!! They even look great as a pair of maternity shorts!

6. With a denim jacket:

7. With a pair of boots (you wouldn’t think this would make a good pair, but they really compliment each other nicely):

If you decide to try a pair of bike shorts out, then please send me your selfies for a future blog post!!!