My Fave Style Short This Summer !

I am currently obsessed with the paper bag waist trend!!! The high, scrunched up waist is flattering on all shapes and sizes, and it is easy and comfortable to wear. This style came into stores last summer, but it has sort of blown up since then. They can literally be found everywhere!!!! Here are some suggestions on what to wear with your paper bag waist shorts this summer.


  1. Blouse:


2. Bodysuit:



3. White tank top:



4. Crop top:



5. T-shirt:


6. Denim shirt/jacket:


Currently, I think Express has amazing paper-bag waist shorts in a ton of colors and prints, but they can also be found at stores such as Marshalls and Target. If you need help finding your perfect pair of paper-bag waist shorts, please contact me because they will be sticking around for fall too!