August Top 10!

Here it is peeps!!!!! The requested monthly top 10 latest faves!!


  1. Skorts: Yup they are back and are comfy and they do look super trendy and stylish. They have shorts in back and a flap in front to look like a skirt. Love this pair I just got from the store “Hey Chick” at Burlington Mall.



2. Kimono tops: I love kimonos in general, but now they are making “kimono tops”. I have been wearing mine paired up with jean shorts! Oh and Marshalls has tons!


3. Bath and Body “Beach” Body cream: This is the perfect mix of vanilla and coconut suntan oil mixed into one body lotion. Perfect product to use for end of summer.



4. Orange paired with leopard prints: Take note! Leopard is the new neutral print for fall! I am obsessed with pairing it up with shades of rust and orange. These pants come from LIT Boutique in Boston.



5.Fedora Hats: These cover up pool and beach hair, take you day to night, and look super hot on ladies!



6. Powder Blue: This shade will not be considered spring and summer as we head into Fall 2019. It is actually one of the top color trends for the upcoming fall and winter. Check out this gorgeous dress from the store Lady Black Tie in Andover, Mass.



7. L’Oreal Lip Scrub: Gets rid of dry lips from the hot sun so you can wear all those pretty matte, bright colored lipsticks.




8. Fundelina: My new fave sweet treat….it is a combo of banana and hazlenut….legit to die for!



9. Beachwear as Clothes: Yup…..there is so much cute swim tops you can wear our at night as crop tops….and they are all on sale now. Check out this one from project Swimwear!!!


10. Rimless Raybans: They are chic….they are different from the usual…..and they fit small faces nicely.


Hope you liked this edition of the monthly top 10!