How To Wear Shorts In Colder Weather! (ya you can….and it looks good too)

I recently posted a picture of myself wearing dressy shorts, tights, and a turtleneck…..



This prompted me to get a ton of DMs asking me for suggestions about how to wear shorts in winter from people who said they never would have thought to ever pull shorts out of their drawers this time of year.

I took a poll asking my insta followers if they wanted to read an article about how to style their shorts for winter outfits and about 90% of people responded that they were in favor of me writing this….so here goes!!!


  1. Shorts and Tights: I guess I kind of think of shorts similar to wearing a mini-skirt… as we know already….tights look great with mini-skirts during the winter……achieves the same look with a twist.



2. Over the Knee Boots: A lot of women wear over the knee boots with shorter dresses and skirts so this is a no-brainer.



3. With a Turtleneck: Think of this look as wearing jeans and a t-shirt but in reverse meaning that instead of your bottom half fully covered and your top half showing some skin….you switch it up and leave some skin showing on the bottom half instead.


4. With a Blazer: Throw on some tights and this can even be work appropriate.



This is a nice way to add an unexpected flair to your winter wardrobe so please try it out!! Let me know if you need any help!