Powerful Purple….is All Ova The Place!!!!

Purple is becoming an “it” color….specifically shades of violet and plum. Purple adds excitement and drama to any outfit, but most people find purple intimidating to wear. I admit…I actually do not have a lot of purple in my closet, despite the fact that I am constantly told to wear purple because I have green eyes and it provides a nice contrast. Thankfully, there are so many shades of purple to choose from. If you are fair with cool undertones, a deeper shade of plum will flatter you best. If you are darker skinned, a violet or orchid is best for you. Medium skin tones can pretty much wear all shades of purple. Here are some ways to incorporate purple into your wardrobes.

  1. Purple and gold/mustard:



2. Purple/white:




3. Purple/grey:



4. All purple everything:



I love this plum, lace dress from Max and Riley….




5. Purple Top/jeans:




I love wearing my purple bodysuit with jeans.



6. Purple coat/jacket:



7. Purple vest:



8. Purple scarf:


9. Purple boots/shoes:



10. Purple pants/ printed tops: I am loving polka dots or stripes with this color right now.



11. Purple gown (for formal events):



***And finally my two fave purple items to wear this month are my purple faux fur….


and this bodysuit from LIT Boutique paired up with this snake skin skirt.