10 Products I CAN NOT live without…

I recently got some questions asking me if there were any beauty products I couldn’t live without or what I tend to use repeatedly…..so I thought to myself….why not just write an article???

Here are the 10 products I use over and over again…..many of them for years and years.

  1. Loreal Lash Primer…..I use this every day under my mascara….I also have my lashes lifted so the combo of that plus this primer makes my lashes look like they have extensions…but they don’t!




2. Aquaphor….This has sooooo many uses that I can not even begin to list them all, but I like to sleep with this on my lips at night because it prevents flaking and chapped lips….and who wants that when you want to wear red lipstick right?



3. Dove Soap….I love the unscented…It is super moisturizing. It never causes a skin reaction, and it is gentle enough to wash your face with if you do not have a cleanser with you. My mother had me use this when I was a little girl….and I am STILL using it!


4. Jergens Natural Glow….I love the medium to dark shade best, and I love the one that has the “firming” action in it to help with cellulite. I use this 3-4 days a week year round so I never really lose my “tan.”



5. Rollerball perfume….It is compact and easy to travel with and put inside a pocketbook. It is also less expensive than larger bottles. I love that you can use it anywhere without ruining the fabric on your clothing. I have had some sprays that have stained satin blouses. Here are my day and night perfumes….pink sugar for day…gucci for night…


6. Micellar Water…This takes every bit of makeup off in one gentle, easy swoop….I am obsessed with this….no excuse to sleep with makeup on anymore ladies….swipe this on a cotton pad and its off in 5 seconds.



7. Nyx Dark Circle Eraser….This is awesome if you should get more sleep (like I should), or if you naturally have darker circles under your eyes (like my mom does with her olive skin) It also takes the place of concealer and comes in a variety of shades for different skin tones.


8. Bath and Body Works Body Scrub….This is the perfect exfoliant for elbows, knees, legs, and feet. I stock up every summer and leave it in my shower and use it once or twice a week. I never have dry skin ever and it smells awesome too!



9. Mac Eyeshadow in “antiqued”….I have been wearing this since my late 20s!!! It is the perfect shade for blue, green or hazel eyes. It looks great when combined with other colors to create a smokey eye for evening, but it also looks great alone with mascara for a daytime look.


10. OPI Gel Polish….I can not live without painted nails. It is like a pet peeve of mine. This lasts about 12 days for me and always stays shiny. My favorite classic colors are as follows: Black Onyx, Funny Bunny, You Don’t Know Jacques, and Big Apple Red.


****and my bonus item as of lately….Kristina Makris lip liner! It stays on forever and fits right with the “dark liner” trend that is back and better than ever!!


Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10 edition!