How Do I Dress Up In Early Spring?

Someone recently messaged me and asked me for help and asked if I would write an article about what to wear to events or nights out when it is March, April and early May. I thought this was a great suggestion because this time of year is tricky. Also, we are sick and tired of wearing winter clothing and black dresses to everything, but it is not warm enough out to wear sleeveless summer dresses and strappy heels…which often leaves many of us staring into our closets…..well….here is my list of suggestions to wear during this weather transition time!

  1. Tan/Nude Jumpsuits: The 70s look is sticking around for awhile, which means more jumpsuits. Neutral shades are HUGE for spring and summer, so instead of wearing the typical black jumpsuit, why don’t you wear a neutral shade instead?



2. Swing Dresses: This retro style is super flattering on EVERYONE. Most of them come with long sleeves so they are perfect for cooler spring days.



3. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress: We all associate warmer weather with maxi dresses. The long sleeve maxi makes this another great transition piece because the sleeves provide coverage, but we would never wear a maxi dress in the dead of winter so this makes us feel “spring like” when we wear it.



4. Tan leather skirt: Leather skirts are technically acceptable to wear year round, but who wants to wear them in hot weather? As I said before, neutrals are in style in a big way so why not wear a lighter colored leather skirt?? It will match any colored top or pair of shoes you own.



I am loving this current trend!



5. Wide Leg Pants/Blouse: This style pant is considered acceptable to wear in place of a dress or skirt to more formal events. I love this style pant paired up with a satin or silk blouse in spring.





6. Floral Dress: Spring makes everyone thinks “flowers”, and floral prints are still trending. I suggest finding a floral dress with longer sleeves, or wearing a sweater or blazer over it.



As always, if you need help finding an outfit for a spring event, please reach out.