What to Buy During the Winter Clearance Sales To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck….

AHHHHHH We are all sick and tired of dreary and cold months…..and the last thing we want to think about is buying more winter clothes because we are looking forward to spring clothing instead. However, this is the BEST time of year to stock up on some winter clothes that can also be worn as spring transition pieces. Here is my list of recommendations about what to buy during these sales!

  1. Costume Jewelry…There tends to be a rise in sales of costume jewelry in Nov. and Dec. due to the holidays….but now there is a lull so stores want to get their heavier pieces out to make way for spring jewelry trends.



2. Jean Shirts…These come in during the fall months….and although there will be more coming for spring…the denim shades will be lighter…..so the darker colors and heavier materials gotta go!



3. Long Sleeve Blouses….Again, these come in during the fall months and there tends to be a rise in the supply of satin blouses before the holidays. Stores still get an abundance of blouses in for spring, but they will be pastels or floral prints. I am actually on the hunt for a gold, satin blouse during the winter clearance sales.



4. Jackets….Fall jackets must exit stores…..but they can still be worn in March and April, and even May, so stock up!



5. Boots…All boots will go on sale in March….but the taller style boots will be on clearance for sure!



6. Leather Leggings….My FAVE year round item to wear, but they do not get many shipments in between March and August.



7. Sweaters…..This is a great month to stock up on basic black, white, grey or tan sweaters in all styles.



8. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress…So many of the dark floral maxi dresses from the fall can be worn well into the spring. They are actually one of my favorite spring transition pieces, and I love wearing them with ankle booties.



9. High Rise Flares….This goes along with the denim shirts….in the sense that there will be more coming into stores, but the denim will be lighter colored and a lighter weight. I personally believe that you can wear a darker, flared jean all year round.



If you need any help with winter clearance shopping let me know!