Remember the gorgeous “Mommy To Be” I styled in yesterday’s blog?? Well, check out the great learning center she owns and directs!!!…Part 2

       As you read in yesterday’s article, I had the pleasure of styling Hannah. As an educator, as well as a stylist, I love learning about new learning centers and this one is so amazing that I had to feature it.


       SolBe is an early learning center that re-imagines traditional notions of child care and preschool. With a commitment to learning in all its forms, a dedication to understanding families’ hopes and needs, and an emphasis on play, our dynamic program continually adapts and improves as we nurture healthy, engaged lives.

       Our name defines our purpose: “sol” from the Spanish word meaning sun and the English word “be”, combining into a name meaning “to be full of light”. Our philosophy embodies our name, influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach we honor children as a complete and competent human being.

      At SolBe, we are an early-learning ecosystem of continual improvement; we see challenge as an opportunity for growth and adapt programming to children’s and families’ needs.

       SolBe caters to the modern, dual-career family with children under five years old. SolBe delivers year-round, innovative child care that modern, dual-career families strongly desire but are unable to find. We are a supportive partner and knowledgeable resource for bustling parents.

      SolBe offers creative, intentionally designed spaces, that provide a more effective, inspiring learning environment than traditional four-walled classrooms. Our learning spaces allow for children’s changing needs and emotions.


       At SolBe, we are immersed in bilingual learning – our educators communicate with students in Spanish, our books are in Spanish and English, and we have fun with it.

       SolBe offers organic and locally sourced meals from an on-site kitchen because nutritious food is close to our hearts. We also offer the opportunity for children to participate in the growing and making of their food.


       SolBe educators are caring, responsive, and trained especially for this work. Under their guidance, children explore their natural curiosity through the physical world in a non-judgmental, playful environment.

      SolBe educators provide personalized learning experiences blending the Montessori method, the Reggio Emilia approach, and the profession’s best practices.

   Beyond daily programming, SolBe offers evening and weekend parent-child classes, playgroups, and other activities. SolBe is a place where children and adults alike want to spend time and at SolBe, you are a part of your child’s education.


  We’ve seen what happens when programs, often with wonderful intentions, focus on one aspect of a child’s development—without attending to the many factors that influence the learning environment, without attending to the whole. SolBe is all about creating space for life, work, and play. We move from being child focused to being human focused, and we are mindful of how people, spaces, programs, and wellness interact to create a truly exceptional experience for children—and the important adults in their lives.