How to Transition to Shorts in Spring…

Shorts are IN….whether or not you like them….they ARE trending…..Sometimes people feel like they have to wait for it to be 80 degrees outside before they put on a pair, but I actually love wearing shorts in the fall and spring. Fyi….here is an awesome product you can spray right on your legs that can be found at CVS. It is inexpensive and comes in 4 shades. It literally conceals any veins, cellulite, or other marks on your legs that you are uncomfortable with. The best part is that it washes right off your next shower, and it does not transfer to your clothing.



Ok…..anyways….here are some ways to style spring shorts!!!

1. With a blouse:



2. With a bodysuit:



If it is cold outside, just throw a blazer over the bodysuit.



3. With a flannel:



4. With cowboy boots (all the country concerts start in spring time):



5. Paper-bag waist shorts/fitted top:



I love these mustard yellow ones from Forever 21!



6. Leather shorts (love these for at night):



The great news is that most stores started coming out with shorts in late January for people traveling to warmer places for winter get-a-ways, so many of them are on sale now.

If you need help finding a flattering style short for your body type, please reach out to me!




Happy Shopping!