From Workouts to Real Life….

I know sooooo many women who work out in the morning and do not have time to go home and shower and change because they have a zillion things to do…but they still want to look presentable when out and about. Now…I get it….there are some classes that you HAVE to go home and shower right away….but for the times that you plan on doing errands or going for coffee with a friend….here is what I recommend for the transition.

  1. Crop Tops…….These are still the rage. They look cute over a sports bra and with high waisted leggings.




2. Old School Track Suits: People are wearing these out with heels at night even!!!



3. Sports bra with cardigan/jacket/button up over it:




I am loving this look with a long cardigan.




4. Joggers: These are really comfy and if you wanted to change after a workout….these make a quick change.




I am all for joggers and an oversized top.




5. Black leggings: No explanation necessary……







6. Baseball Hat: Covers up the gym hair peeps….and all ladies look cute in a baseball hat.




7. Waterproof mascara: Stays put throughout most workouts and you can throw on some glass after class and be good to go!




Exercise is good for the body and soul…..and so are cute outfits….so why not combine the two 🙂