Top 10 May faves!!!!

Here it is people….the list of monthly faves!!!!

  1. Satin Skirts: I am obsessed with this look for evening….super classy and elegant, yet lightweight for spring and summer.




2. Two-piece retro pant sets: I am obsessed with two piece sets, especially the ones with a wider leg pant. They may just be my go to outfit for spring and summer. And I love the print on this one from LIT Boutique.


3. Brow tints: A brown tint is like a gift because it is an instant face lift and you do not have to use an eyebrow pencil for at least 4-5 weeks. My fave brow girl is Dimitra from Flawless Brow in Wakefield, Ma. Check her out! Everyone I have sent so far is hooked!


4. Red Pants: Red is my fave color year round, but for some reason I am loving wide leg styles in red for spring. My fave current pair comes from Express.


5. Jade Green: Universally flattering color….screams Spring….and love it paired with animal prints too.


6. Necklaces that are totally “extra”….They instantly dress up any basic t-shirt or tank top. Check out these two from Madison Ave. of Melrose.


7. Getting a nail “dip” when you want white nails: People…this is THE WAY to go!!! The white never turns yellow or fades, and it lasts between 2-3 weeks…Just ask your nail salon for THE DIP!



8. Long Shirt Dresses: Shirt dresses have been trending since last spring, but I am loving the modern twist on them in a longer length. Recently bought this snakeskin one from Pretty Little Thing.


9. Pastel colored sweaters: I am always cold….and always need a sweater…yes even in summer because of the A/C…..But I like mixing it up from the typical white and black and tan sweaters by wearing pinks or light greens.



10. Bath and Body Works Sand and Salt Scrub: If you want summer soft skin, then start using this now every night in the shower!!! Use on elbows, knees, and feet.


Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of my top 10 faves!!!!