Peek Into Spring Styling Sessions Snapshots!!!!

I have styled some amazing women this spring!!!! Here is a snapshot into some of the sessions I have done recently.


  1. Melanie……Melanie is a petite, stay at home mom of three kids. Her husband bought her a gift card for a styling session with me saying that she felt stuck in a style rut and wanted to spruce up her wardrobe for spring and summer. This is Melanie’s take on the experience:
    I just wanted to thank you again for the styling session on Friday. I was so happy with the variety of clothes I came home with! A maxi dress, short dress, jumpsuit, shorts, wrap skirt, leggings and tons of shirts. I was excited to grab some of the go-to’s that I needed but even more excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone! Some of the pieces you picked I never in a million years would have tried on my own but I ended up loving them. I will definitely shop with a more open mind from now on!

It was so fun to style another petite woman!!! One of my easiest style sessions because she wears the same size as me! These are some of the selections we settled on for Melanie….while keeping in mind that she wanted stylish and trendy items that would also be comfortable when running around as a mom.

Paper-bag waist shorts and bodysuit:



Jean shorts/jeans/mix and match tops:



Rompers and dresses:









2. Julie… Next up is Julie who I style every season. Julie recently said she needed some outfits for professional events, but she also wanted to mix in some fun and trendy pieces. Here is a snapshot of what we chose.



3. Ashley….Ashley is my spin instructor…..she is young, gorgeous, and loves trendy clothes, but she spends a ton of time in athletic wear and wanted to shop for some “going out” looks. This was one of my most enjoyable styling sessions because she was like literally open to trying on everything!!!!



4. Tere…..Tere is a busy working mom. She told me she has not shopped forever and she really wanted to get an entire wardrobe. We got over 25 items for less than $400 and got a mix of work attire, “going out” clothes, and athleisure wear.



If you want to book a styling session with me, then please email me