April Top 10!!!!

Here it is……my monthly top ten!!!


  1. Lip Masks: I do not know if it is because I have been in the house and not putting on as much lipstick as I usually do, or if it is because the weather has not really been too warm, but my lips have been sort of dry and flaky and I HATE that. This mask is awesome, and available at Target in store and online and is less than $5! In 20 minutes, my lip issues were cured.


2. Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea: I have been wearing this scent for years in April and May. It is the perfect spring scent for a body cream. Also, Bath and Body Works is offering great online deals currently. They have not had any hand sanitizer in stock, but they have had tons of hand soaps FYI.



3. Lipstick Queen Morning Sunshine: This product goes on like a lip balm and adjusts to your skin tone to turn into a gorgeous pink/peach shade. It has also been keeping my lips conditioned throughout the day. I got mine from the Beauty Cafe in Melrose……and she does home delivery!!! Message them on insta for details and to place an order.



4. The color yellow: I love yellow in Spring. It is bright and sunny….a happy color….Yellow also looks great on everyone, but more to come with that in a future blog.



5. Grey Classic Nike Sweats: They are old school style, which I love. They are super comfy. They also have that elastic at the ankle, which means I don’t have to hem them and they can adjust to under the knee for a crop look as well. Macy’s and Nike online have them.



6. Nyx Filler Instincts: This is a clear, plumping gloss that can be worn alone or over other lip colors. If you want the look of fuller lips, or are biding time until your next lip injection appointment then this is the product for you. You can purchase on Amazon, and by the way if you are interested in lip injections, Bianca from @the_luxe_dose is offering online, virtual consults currently.




7. Tone It Up Protein Bars in Birthday Cake flavor: If I am in a rush in the morning, or crave something sweet during the day, then this is what I grab. They taste delicious and are healthy for you too. Target online, as well as Amazon sell these.


8. Tiger Print Graphics: I like animal print anything and my latest love has to do with tiger graphic tees. I love this tank from Target and this T-shirt from Scout and Molly’s Lynnfield.


9. Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray for hair: Let’s face it, we are home and we don’t always feel like breaking out the hair dryer lately. I teach online and still have to look presentable. I love this spray because when you spray it on straight hair after washing it, and sleep with you hair in small buns (I do 4 buns because my hair is long and on the thicker side), you wake up with waves for days.


10. Health-ier Banana Muffins: I do not know if it is the Italian in me, but I tend to overbuy food….and I always overbuy bananas…..and they always turn black. I found this recipe on Pinterest to use them up and not waste them and they are so yummy!


Hope you enjoyed my latest edition of the Top 10!