What is My Type A Schedule These Days???

Believe it or not I have gotten a TON of questions about whether or not I keep a daily schedule during this pandemic. The answer is….I do…..80% of the time Mondays through Fridays. On the weekends, I tend do do “whatever.” Most Type A personality traits, like myself, need some type of routine to keep them from feeling uptight or anxious. So what do my days look like on average….well…..here goes.

8:30-9:00  I wake up: I am a night owl and I love to sleep in.

9:00-10:00 Virtual workout

10:00-3:00 Virtual Teaching/Meetings/Lunch/Help my son with his schooling

3:00-4:00 Try and get out for a walk or a drive or run errands if I have them

4:00-5:00 Blog/Read/ Talk on Phone


5:00 Watch the president speak or watch Fox news

6:00-7:00 Cook and eat Dinner

7:00-12:00 This is a toss up. Sometimes I take a ride, sometimes I do a home beauty routine, sometimes I watch tv, and sometimes I end up on a Zoom call with family and friends.

All I know is although you get used to a new routine fairly quickly, I hope that this new routine does not last too much longer and we can all return to seeing our family and friends again.

Stay Well.