Guest Blogger: Thea

Meet Thea…..Thea has done my makeup for magazine photo shoots for Dream Rose Lifestyle Magazine…..By the way…the new Spring issue drops this week!!!!



She is the sweetest person who is definitely a “girl’s girl.” Read her article below:


Hi Friends! My name is Thea, I’m a Boston model and makeup artist. My love for makeup came from being in the spotlight as a model. I love seeing how makeup can positively change a woman’s attitude. It’s amazing what a sweep of lipstick can do to brighten someone’s day.






Since I’ve been stuck at home, I have craved normalcy. I have been doing this quick five-minute makeup look to make myself feel presentable for Zoom meetings, Facetime calls, and for lounging around the house. Keeping a glam in my day to day has helped me separate work time from down time at home. I have a reoccurring Zoom meeting with makeup brands to keep up with spring trends, this is my simple but polished go to look that makes me feel pulled together, even if I’m still wearing leggings and slippers during the meeting.





For this look focus on dewy skin and bringing life to the face. Start with a lighter texture foundation, a BB Crème or tinted moisturizer is perfect to even your skin out without looking heavy. Next apply concealer to any blemishes and under the eyes. Add a sweep of your favorite bronzer on cheeks and then across your eyelids as 2-second eyeshadow. For liner I chose a soft brown tone on my upper eyelid only to make my eye look bigger. Next a crème blush, using your fingers dab onto the cheeks. Crème textures will make up look awake without looking over done. If you don’t have a crème blush you can use a pink toned lipstick. Next add highlighter to the high points of the cheeks and the inner corners of the eyes. Add mascara, comb your eyebrows, and a touch of lip balm and your good to go!



I would love to see you recreate this look, you can find me on Instagram @khromabythea

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