Guest Blogger: An Amazing Kid and Her New Business

Meet Bella Mizzoni… 11 year old girl who used the time spent at home recently to work on her own business. Check out her description of the business below.


Hi i’m 11 year old Bella Mizzoni
I started my own bracelet business around Christmas time. I started making bracelets at first just for fun then I started a instagram page bellas_beaded_bracelets. At the beginning I wasn’t really serious I just posted whenever. Now I post once a day and when I get orders I post those on my story! I recently started a facebook page for my small business. The facebook page is bella’s beaded bracelets.Since i’m not in school this is helping me with social and math skills. For a while now i’ve been begging my mom for a puppy and she said yes only if I pay for it so I am selling bracelets to raise money to get a puppy!One  of our most popular type of bracelets are customs everybody loves customs! With the customs you can chose your own charms,beads, and spacers. Prices range $9-12 Dm me to order yours on  facebook or instagram at bellas beaded bracelets.
Make sure you follow her on insta @bellas_beaded_bracelets for updated designs and to order!