December Top 10 Faves

December is always a hard month for me to pick my favorite things, because just sooooo much “good” comes out around the holidays…LOL….But here goes!!!


  1. Pom Pom Hat from “fitforbarre”: I  love these hats because the pom pom is detachable, which makes this able to be worn as “just a beanie”, and it costs less than $25.



2. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean: Every year in December I stock up on this scent. I do not know anyone that does not like this one as it is not very overbearing on the nose.



3. Mantra band bracelets: I love the inspirational sayings on these bracelets, and I have given them to numerous people as gifts for various occasions. The best part is that I have been chosen as an ambassador so all of my readers get 10% off when they use code TIFFYG!



4. Vintage Fur: Not much to say about this except for the fact that winter clothes are my favorite, and I love vintage coats. They are unique and they just do not make coats like this anymore. Madison Ave. of Melrose has an amazing selection!



5. NYX Cherry Pie Butter Gloss: This is the perfect red gloss. It is sheer, inexpensive, and looks great on numerous skin tones.




6. Camo Joggers from “fitforbarre”: As we all know, I have a camo obsession. This is my new favorite pair to wear!! I love the high waist, and the pockets are strategically placed so they flatter your hip and buttocks area.



7. Red Scarves: Usually I am a plaid scarf or leopard print scarf kind of gal, but lately I am loving red scarves. I think they look so pretty on a snowy day, and the red really adds a color pop when we feel pale in the winter months. This one is from Melissa Pellone Designs.



8. Chap Stick: I sleep with this brand on every night. Last thing I do before bed, and it has really helped me prevent chapped lips in the cold weather and hockey rinks.



9. Skinceuticals HA Intensifier: Bianca from planned my skin care regimen, and this is one of my favorite products that she has recommended to me to use. It is a multi-functional serum that amplifies skin’s hyaluronic acid levels which improves skin’s firmness, smoothness, and facial plumpness. Call her at 617-484-2495 to find out more info!



10. Sunday Line from Madison Ave: This is just perfect for casual looks on a Sunday. I also think it is great for the football playoffs and the Superbowl, which will be here before you know it!!! Check out @madisonaveofmelrose on insta to buy!



As always….happy shopping!! Less than a week until xmas!!!!

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