What is Trending in the “Bootie” World….

Most of us love ankle boots…otherwise known as “the ankle bootie.” They look great with leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts, even joggers or sweats. Thankfully, there are so many bootie styles that are trending right now that there will be a style for everyone!!


  1. White Booties: Yup…white boots are really sticking around again for this Fall and Winter. People either loved them or hated them last year. I loved them….with the right attire, they really do look quite mod.




I think they look cute this time of year with a skirt.


2. Perforated: These are super popular right now and can be found in any shoe store. Great for a casual look…not great for the winter months though….so enjoy while you can and then pack them away until March because I think they will still be trendy for next Spring.




My cut out booties are by Chinese Laundry and come from Nordstrom!



3. Moto (with buckles): I love these with jeans, black pants, a funky dress, or leather leggings.






I also love the studded moto booties too! Nordstrom Rack has a ton of these!


4. Cowboy: The “go west” trend from summer is continuing into fall and winter ankle booties.




I suggest getting a pair in tan in this style because they are very versatile and tan goes with every color!

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But I love them in grey too!!!


5. Combat: These are for a super casual look…or bad weather….not really my style, but I do think they look great when paired up with jeans and a flannel.




6. Platform: Remember wearing these in the late 90s and early 2000s? Well, these are just another 90’s trend that is becoming more and more popular again…I LOVE platforms so I say bring it on!




If you would like help finding “booties on a budget” please get in touch with me….I’m your girl for the bootie bargains!!!!