What is a flatform you may ask? Well, a flatform is a woman’s shoe that has a raised sole that is usually between 3-5 inches thick. It gives you height, as a high heel does, but keeps your foot flat, which makes it very comfortable to wear. As a petite girl, I LOVE them!!!! You […]

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Summer Shoe Trends….

I love summer shoes. They are just….easy…..and I feel like they are also a bit more funky and trendy too. If you want to add a little pizzazz in your wardrobe a summer shoe is the way to do it. Pair up a bold shoe with a simple white or black sundress and you are […]

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Fall 2017 shoe trends!!

Are you a shoe girl like me??? I have been a shoe girl since I can remember….in fact…I actually recall a time when I was about 5 years old and my mother had a gorgeous pair of slouchy, block heeled, knee-high boots from the 1980’s….she told me not to try them on because I would […]

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