Must Have Accessories To Buy Now!!!!!

I love accessories in general….One small, inexpensive accessory can literally make an entire outfit! Ok!!! So here is my list of trendy accessories to invest in now to take you into the fall.


  1. Scrunchies….Love em or Hate em….the 1990s fashion accessory is back in a big way. In fact, scrunchies were actually shown by many of the major designers on their runway shows. Today’s scrunchies are a lot more ornate than the ones from the 1990s. They are made in satin or velvet, and they come in many prints and patterns.


I love them for my straight hair because they do not make that “line” that many elastics cause on days when I do not have time to wash my hair…but yet want to go to pilates and need my hair up!



2. Western Belts….Basically the “go west” trend is taking over….and the western belt is one of the accessories to have right now. I actually love how the metal portions of the belt contrast against denim jeans and black pants.




3. Head Scarves… Do you know the head scarf is one of the oldest female accessories? Gucci, Versace, and Marc Jacobs had head scarves all over their runways for fall. Whether you wrap your hair in one or tie it in a scarf bun….they ARE IN for fall.



I love this one in camo….



4. Fan earrings….They look like fans and many come in various colors…but for some reason, they flatter everyone’s face…..



Loving these two pairs from the new collection @madisonavemelrose……



One is a classic gold color and the other pair is bright turquoise.


5. Brooches….otherwise known as pins…. Brooches and pins have literally been worn for thousands of years…..They have a sort of charm to them. I like brooches to fasten scarves, spice up a neutral colored jacket, or pinned on a shirt, blouse, or sweater….



Check out mine from @thesilkpatch on instagram….. an evil eye in my eye color!!



6. Oversized hoops….a classic…however, for a while, people were wearing smaller hoops….now it is “the bigger the better”…kind of goes with the 90s revival…I don’t know about you but I think big hoop earrings look gorgeous on everyone…maybe it was growing up in the 90s?? hahaha



Here is me rocking my hoops!



7. Last but not least….the BIG CHOKER….Choker necklaces started to resurface about a year or two ago….but just like the hoops…the bigger the better….





Here is me in my choker from @madisonaveofmelrose



If you need any help locating some fun and new accessories in this article, please reach out to me!!!