A Cool New Product…..That ActuallyDoes Your Body Good Too!

Ok so as a blogger I meet so many people on instagram….that have soooo many products they want me to try….I am a pretty open minded person and definitely love to support my fellow Boston based business so when one of the co-founders of Pricklee water approached me about trying out his new drink, I was happy to do so!!!!



Water is the main beverage I drink throughout the day to stay in “blog worthy” shape…LOL….However, plain water is not my favorite…I like to mix my water up with natural flavors of fruits often. Pricklee is a beverage that is made using real prickly pears, which are the delicious fruit of the cactus!!! How cool right?? They are packed with antioxidants vitamins, and minerals, which help you REHYDRATE, REVITALIZE, and RECOVER.



Pricklee started in 2017 when three health-conscious pharmacists wanted to develop a supplement to relieve hangovers. While researching, they were surprised to find that most hangover aids actually contained prickly pear extract!!!! As they looked more into the prickly pear superfruit, they soon realized there was so much more to this beautiful fruit. Native to Mexico and parts of the southwest U.S., prickly pears have been used for centuries for medicinal and wellness purposes, and may even promote skin revitalization and muscle recovery!


When their research was complete, they knew they had to share they healthy goodness of prickly ears with the world. Being active indiviudals, they decided the best and most delicious way to enjoy the benefits of prickly pears was in the form of a superfruit water. Using only natural ingredients, you can actually pronounce, pricklee was born…weighing in at 11.7 fl oz!! haha……




It is delicous!!! Definitely check them out on instagram and give their beverage a try! You won’t be sorry!!!


**Use promo code “tiffyg” off your first order!!!