Why a Flannel Shirt Starts to work in late summer….REALLY it does!

Let’s face it, in most places where people live you need to wear layers…. either due to the fact  that the air conditioner is on, or the weather temperature changes when the sun sets, etc… Most of us layer with a sweater, a blazer, a denim jacket,  or a jean shirt, but there is something super comfy about a flannel. I know we automatically think fall and winter when we think about flannels, but they actually look super cute with many of your summer outfits too!!!


  1. With jean shorts


I also like them with a jean skirt……


2. Over a white t-shirt….this also looks cute tied around the waist.


3. With leggings


With leggings are my fave way to wear a flannel this time of year.



4. Over a dress



5. As a cover-up for your swimwear


6. With white jeans….the flannel prints and patterns really POP against the white.


Well ladies…pull out the flannels!!!!!!!! And def pack them for your beach or lake or mountain vacations…you will be comfortable…and warm….and on trend 🙂

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