Why Everyone Needs to Find a Denim Jacket They Love in August…STAT!

Denim jackets are the one jacket that never seem to go out of style…They are a staple in everyone’s closets….and they can be worn season through season in a variety of ways…. They are great on a summer night when it gets a little chilly…..but it also works as a layering piece in the winter when it is really cold outside. In other words…denim jackets are timeless…BUT do you have one you love? I mean like really love…..meaning…..It is flattering… the sleeve length is great….etc….you catch my drift….The reason I am asking these questions is because I think that the denim jacket is one of my favorite wardrobe essentials this August. I am going to show you all of my favorite, updated ways that I plan to wear my denim jacket from now through the fall months.

  1. With a shorts outfit


2. With white pants (forget the no-white after Labor Day rule….yeah really)


3. With a Dress (this is like soooooo back to school-back to September right??)


This seems to be my “go to” jacket on cool summer nights lately… (this lovely denim jacket is from Madison Ave in Melrose… she has a variety of denim jackets that are gently used or like New…and some brand new ones too… in the store or via her Instagram)


4. With leggings (denim jackets and leggings are two classic pieces so the possibilties are endless)…


5. With leather leggings (another one of my August essentials to purchase)


6. With gym clothes (super easy to throw on after working out to run errands)


7. With crop tops (crops tops are super trendy…but you can get cold when you wear them…just sayin)


8. With a graphic t-shirt (graphic t-shirts are still very popular and will be into the Fall months, but sometimes you need a jacket first thing on a Saturday morning…)


9. With wide leg pants (these will be the pants for Fall…FYI….I suggest if you are wearing a denim jacket with wide leg pants to please make sure it fits properly and sits at the hips right)…


If you are looking for a brand new jacket Aine’s Boutique has a bunch of “crisp” ones for fall in the store



If you need help locating a denim jacket that fits you properly, please reach out to me!!!


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