What to Buy During End of Summer Sales…

August is one of the best months to shop!!! Not for Fall clothes….but for end of season spring/summer clothes, shoes, and accessories….many of these items will actually transition to fall nicely too. Here is what I suggest you stock up on!!!

  1. Tank Tops….These basic layering pieces are dirt cheap now! I have seen some in the store for $4 or less!! These can be used year round. I tend to buy black, white, and tan ones in bulk this time of year,



2. Jean Shorts….Stores definitely want to get rid of these by August…However, I love wearing jean shorts with blouses or sweaters and a pair of ankle booties in the early fall months.


3. Bathing Suits…I always buy a bathing suit at the end of summer. However, I do try and avoid trendy patterns and prints that may not be in style the following summer. Try and stick to classic styles and prints.


4. Flip Flops…I have seen these for $1 in some places…I usually grab a black or tan pair in August because you can just never have enough of those two colors….


5. Overalls….If you want to try the latest overall trend, but you have not quite jumped on the bandwagon yet…then now is the time because this trend is sticking around for the fall. They look great with ankle booties, and overalls are a part of the “western” style that is upcoming in a huge way. Stores started getting overalls in last March so many pairs are on the clearance racks currently.



6. Paper Bag Waist….Like the overall trend, the paper bag waist style in pants and shorts flooded the stores during the spring months. If you have not tried this style waist yet, now is the time because this waist will also be staying around for fall too. The shorts are very inexpensive currently, and I love how they look with boots.


7. Long Sleeve rompers….These are like a dress…..the longer sleeve adds some warmth on a cool, chilly fall morning….I tend to buy rompers in classic prints or colors this time of year or deeper florals filled with yellows and dark greens or maroon.



Hope you enjoyed my “lucky 7” summer steals to buy !!!!