They call it mellow yellow….

Yellow is literally everywhere….and it is definitely not a typical color we tend to wear a lot or see flooding the stores, but yet, it is here!!!! Yellow will also stick around for the fall months, but it will take on a more mustard hue. I have received some questions from ladies who really want to wear this color, but are not sure how to match it up! Here are some colors that pair nicely with shades of yellow.


  1. Navy:


2. Grey:


3. White: This combo screams “sunny day”!


4. Turquoise….2 contrasting colors that both pop when put together!


5. Black/White…..This is by far my fave way to wear yellow. Many people feel that they will look like a bumble bee, however, the yellow looks so much brighter against the color black. This combo especially works on brunettes!!


6. Anything with tropical flowers and pops of yellow…. such as this crop top from Zara and these wide leg pants from Forever 21.



*And if you add accessories, it really makes the yellow in your shirt stand out even more.


If you are still squeamish about wearing yellow, start small with an accessory such as earrings or a clutch…..and as always….I am here to help!

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